Canon PowerShot SD 780IS, also known as Canon Digital IXUS 100IS in European and Asian markets, is one of the smallest digital point and shoot cameras in a compact package. Since its introduction, the camera has been selling in boatloads, so that is one indicator for you – buyers are already voting in favor of PowerShot SD 780IS with their wallets! But of course, you want to learn more about the camera – before you finally decide which point and shoot camera is best for you. So, here is a short and sweet review of the Canon PowerShot SD 780IS.

Before we start with the review – it is best to understand what you can expect of the camera – indeed, of any point and shoot camera. These cameras are ideal for casual users and occasional photographers – who are happy to take a good picture, but cannot be much bothered by the technical aspects of photography. So, if you are just looking for a suitable digital camera, that will help you to capture memories in an easy and convenient manner, by all means go for a point and shoot digital camera.

Ok, that's 'nuff said about the merits of a point and shoot camera! Let's get on with the review!

Canon Powershot SD 780IS Review

Geek Speak

12.1 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor

3X Optical Zoom with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)

High Def Movie shooting capability with HDMI output

2.5 Inch PureColor LCD Screen display

Optical Viewfinder

Light Sensitivity – ISO 80 to ISO 3200

Plain Speak

Okay, now let's talk in plain English!

Super Compact Digital Camera

Invariably, the first reaction with Canon PowerShot 780IS is - "Aww, is so small"!

That's about the first thing you will notice with this camera – its super compactness. The dimension for the camera are – 3.4 x 0.7 x 2.1 (measured in Inches) – almost the size of a credit card! Compare the camera width with the width of an average human adult male palm – 4 inches!

Now, the super small size may be both an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you look at it. It is super compact and light – which means you can easily carry it around in your shirt and jeans pockets (even if you favor one of those ultra slim fitting jeans!). On the other hand, the small size will also mean that people with larger hands, or senior citizens may find it a little hard to manage the menu controls and other buttons.


The camera has a CCD image sensor that provides 12.1 MP resolution – good enough for poster size photograph prints. For casual photographers – this resolution is ample enough.

3 X Optical Zoom

"What, only 3 X optical zoom"? – I can almost hear you asking!

OK, 3 X seems quite modest – specially when compared to higher end compact cameras which can pump up to 12 X optical zoom. Probably, this small optical zoom capability is a tradeoff with the ultra compact size of the camera. But this doesn't seem to have an effect on most of the photography situations that a casual photographer normally encounters – the zoom is good enough.

Optical Viewfinder

Now, an optical viewfinder is a rarity in modern compact cameras – but Canon PowerShot 780IS has one. How much are you likely to use it – is a moot question though. But it IS there, in case you want it. I, for one, always manage to leave an smudge on the display screen (Umm, I have a big nose) whenever I try to use the optical viewfinder! And anyway, I am wearing eyeglasses!

HD Video Shooting

This was THE dealmaker for me – HD video (at 720p) shooting capability in such a compact little point and shoot digital camera! OK, don't expect an HD camcorder performance, but good enough to capture short and sweet video clips in HD! The camera has an HDMI output, so you directly plug it in your HD LCD TV, and enjoy!

Hmm, but there is a hitch too, though a minor one – the optical zoom does not work when you shoot in the HD video mode – so you need to do the lens setting before you start shooting a video clip.

To Buy, or Not to Buy?

If you are looking for a compact sized dynamo, that lets you capture high quality photographs without worrying about the technical aspects of photography, and looking to do so in a budget, then by all means buy Canon PowerShot 780IS for yourself, or as a gift to someone you love.