Canon Powershot SD1000


Light weight
Quick start up time
Great image quality


I haven't really found anything negative with this camera.

Full Review

My dad gave me his Cannon AE-1 several years ago and I've always been pleased with the performance. After using this camera since I was a kid, I have always preferred Cannon over other camera brands. I bought the Cannon Powershot SD1000 for my wife as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. She wanted something that was easy to operate so that she could take pictures of our two daughters. After doing some research I decided on the SD1000.

This camera features 7.1 megapixels, which allows for pictures to easily be printed onto larger photo paper without losing the quality of the picture. It also features face detection, red-eye reduction, a self-timer, and a 2.5 inch LCD screen with an optical viewfinder. When you need to get a shot quickly this is the camera for you. Start up takes less than one second. 0.98 seconds to be exact, allowing you to be able to get the shot in those quick moments. There is nothing worse than getting your camera out and having to wait 3 or 4 seconds for it to start up and by then you have missed that perfect shot. With a 2GB memory card at the highest quality settings I can still get over 100 pictures before I have to dump the card. Of course as you lower the quality settings you will be able to get more photos on the card. At the mid-range settings you should be able to get over 500 photos on the card.

The menu is easy to navigate and has fourteen different scene modes. Some of the great features are the digital macro mode. This is perfect for getting all of the detail up close. You can get within 2 inches of an object with perfect clarity. Another setting that I love is the color accent mode. It puts the picture in black and white showing only the color that you choose. Anyone who has seen Schindler's List probably remembers the scene with the little girl in black and white carrying the bright red roses. While this camera can't quite match that quality it does work well enough for the average person.

I have only had one problem with this camera. It started draining a fully charged battery within seconds. It was during the warranty period and I sent it off to Cannon for service. They repaired it and had it back to me within a week. They told me that the flash wasn't charging properly and due to it trying to charge the flash continuously it was draining the battery. As part of the warranty service they also cleaned the internals of the camera. The service and communication from Cannon was top-notch. I received email updates on the progress of the repair.

In Closing

I would highly recommend the SD1000 to someone looking for a reliable everyday use camera.