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This is a fabulous 15.1 megapixel camera from the top digital camera maker. It is the first in the line of outstanding Canon Rebel "T" series cameras. The Rebel T1i is ready to work with a large set of features. In addition to the extensive photographic modes and the ability to use the range of Canon EOS accessories, the Rebel T1i is able to record HD video.

Canon has positioned this camera with an impressive range of capabilities but at a price that fits the hobbyist budget. It is as capable as a professional model but is not priced like one. The 15.1 megapixel sensor puts this camera in the top of the digital SLR pack. It actually has more sensitivity than many professional-quality cameras. Although the body is constructed of molded plastic, the lens mount is of strong steel. It might not survive the rigors of abusive field work, but it is perfectly capable of being used everyday. It takes great photos and is easy to use. By just adding a few accessories, you can have a great digital SLR package for under $1000.

Since the T1i was released, it was followed in series with newer upgrades. Today, the T5i is the current model. It sports even more features and is known to be a great workhorse. Interestingly, it replaces the T4i which is identical except for the case covering material. It seems that the earlier unit used latex which caused trouble for some people. The T5i was quickly released to address the problem.

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Cropped Sensor Units

All of the T1i, T2i, etc, models use a cropped sensor. This is an imaging sensor which is smaller than that traditionally found in 35mm film cameras. Because of this feature, only the central portion of the lenses are captured as images. Effectively, it means that all photos are cropped to the central portion of the view. In contrast, the full frame cameras, (1DX, 5D, 6D), take a full image. For most users, the cropped sensors are completely adequate. They are less expensive and can use EF-S lenses.

Flash Memory Card
The first accessory you will need is a memory storage card such as the Transcend 8 GB Flash Memory Card. This unit is a fast class 6 SDHC unit with capacity for many digital photos. It's available at a great price. You can spend more on higher capacity cards such as the Transcend 16GB Class 10 unit. This is twice the size and would capably handle your digital photo picture storage needs. Larger cards are also available but are generally not needed. The 16GB model is able to store many images. Owners should not leave the images on the card but should copy them to a computer very frequently.

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Photographic Filters

Part of the creative ability for the Canon Rebel EOS camera comes from the ability for the lenses to accept filters. One filter that no Canon should be without is a Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter which gives you a couple of great benefits. First, it blocks stray ultraviolet light from entering the camera. This sharpens the image and reduces glare in your images. The filter also acts as a protector for the front of your lens. With it installed, (it simply screws onto the lens), nothing can scratch the lens. Each of your lenses should have one of these. If the filter ever becomes scratched, throw it away and buy a replacement.

If you are interesting in taking close-up photographs, you should get the Vivitar macro filter set. This set comes with a case and allows you to boost the camera's ability to take great shots of small items such as insects, flowers and jewelry.

Note that the filters increase the camera's resistance to wet conditions but they do not make them immune to water. Owners should consider the filter for its ability to improve photographic conditions and to help eliminate damage to lens elements. If the unit is to be operated in harsh conditions, owners should explore the purchase of weather proof cases.

Other Accessories to Consider

The Canon Rebel line comes with a built in flash unit. This is fine for fairly close photo subjects. For inside shots or for photographing large groups, you may want to consider an optional flash. These range in price from the Canon 430EX II Speedlite Flash kit with bounce diffuser, batteries and charger to the midrange 10 Piece TTL flash package that includes diffuser, bounce, off camera adapter and more to the base Precision Design DSLR300 with diffuser, batteries and charger.

If you take a lot of portraits or close-up shots, you may want to use a tripod. The SLIK PRO 700DX tripod with panhead is a well rated unit. This tripod is very stable which is very important when you are shooting creatively such as in low light settings or when you want to use a very slow shutter speed.

For tripod shooting, owners should consider a remote shutter release. This is a small device that wires up to the camera. It lets the photographer take a photo without physically touching the equipment. The shutter is activated electrically. Without the need to touch the shutter manually, this device minimizes the possibility of shaking while the photo is being taken. Better images are produced as a result.

Owner Update
This camera has been in service for quite some time. It has been performing flawlessly. The battery life is amazing. It can take hundreds of photos on a single charge. Having a second battery seems to be a luxury but luckily it was an inexpensive purchase. The software used to move the photos to the computer works pretty well. Due to computer issues related to a system upgrade, the software had to be re-installed. This process was very easy to do.

The original T1i continues to surprise in the resale market. These units command a good portion of their original cost. This makes upgrading a reasonable expense.

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