Canon Powershot SD1200is

The Canon Powershot SD1200is is currently on sale, and priced $30 off, and at time of writing is the number 2 best selling digital camera online. Included, (for a limited time) is a free 4GB SD memory card that is included at no charge with purchase. With this included free memory card you're ready to start shooting with the Canon Powershot SD1200is right out of the box. 

The Canon Powershot SD1200isoffers an impressive feature set in a small, compact camera size. First off, there's enough performance right out of the box with this little performer to create poster sized 13x19 inch prints with the 10.1 megapixels of resolution. Don't let the small size fool ya - this little guy can make great photos and offers a 3x optical zoom lens and bright and clear 2.5 inch LCD screen. The Digic IV processor is the same  image processor used in the much more expensive Canon EOS 1D Mark IV professional SLR that costs thousands of dollars more than theCanon Powershot SD1200is

For beginners and professionals alike, there's the Smart Auto feature which is a set it, and forget it setting that leaves you to composition and the camera takes care of the rest such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO speeds. Of course, there's 18 other settings on this camera so you can customize to your heart's content whether shooting portraits or flowers or sports for example. 

The large 2.5 inch LCD screen offers a crisp, clear and bright view of your photos and can be used in both review and shooting modes allowing you to review and share your photos regardless of the ambient lighting conditions using the anti-glare coating already applied. 

Detection of faces is a popular feature in new compact digital cameras and the Canon SD1200is doesn't disappoint with a face detection feature and self timer that automatically detects the faces and counts them. The camera will wait until  a new face is added to the scene before firing the shutter so your entire group of family and friends, including the shooter or photographer can be included. There's no more reason to be left out of group photos because you were the photographer. 

Intelligent contrast  correction using the Digic IV processor, means that shooting outdoors in high contrast situations like shooting a bride in a wedding dress at high noon wont result in under exposed images. The Canon SD1200is is smart enough to compensate for the higher contrasty areas which result in both the foreground and background gettting perfect exposure. 

Three different methods of red eye reduction are included in the SD1200is. First, the camera identifies and corrects red eye before the photo is made, secondly the camera can be set to automatically detect red eye on playback of images and lastly you're give the tools to identify red eye yourself and correct the red eye in camera.

Incuded  with the Canon SD1200is is the camera itself,  a lithium-ion batter pack, batter chargera, wrist strap, usb interface cable, av cable, and digital camera software cd rom 

To summarize, the Canon Powershot SD1200is  is one of the better digital camera deals currently available and with a $30 savings and  free kingston memory card included it's easy to recommend this small and compact digitalcamera deal.