If you're a big fan of romance and whimsy the chances are that you've got a secret soft spot for a canopy bed. Canopy beds, or four posters as the Brits say, are a real throw back to days gone by. They couldn't be further removed from all the sleek and cool designs of today. It's fair to say that canopy bedding is usually associated today with young girls rooms, where your daughter can indulge her dreamy princess fantasies.Canopy Bed and Bedding

Nevertheless, canopy beds are still a staple favorite in many fancy hotels across the world and this shows that we still have an enduring love affair with the grand four poster.

If you want to recreate this effect in your home then read on and let's look at the three most common options available to the home maker.

Of course for those of you with the money the simplest option is to buy a new or antique canopy bed. Most of the options available in store have a contemporary feel to them which, to be honest, is probably just as well as an old fashioned four poster bed will look fairly odd in most modern homes. If your whole house is themed in a traditional style then an antique bed would suit but will set you back a pretty sum.

The second option open to you is to build your own canopy structure. Clearly to create anything with decent solidity or class will require some good DIY skills and should not be undertaken by a complete amateur. A good tip here is to make sure the posts that you install is then draped in fabric so that the eye is drawn to the drapes rather than the posts. You could also do without posts all together and have fabric draped from the bed head up to the ceiling and then suspended the length of the bed with further ceiling attachments.

This leads nicely to the final option which is to use a ring canopy cover. Most commonly this would look like a mosquito net with the canopy attached at a single point on the ceiling by a ring. Clearly a mosquito net doesn't scream style but manufacturers are now producing very tasteful versions that are more fetching.

Whichever option you go for do remember to try and incorporate your canopy bed into your overall bedroom design.