free image editors

The most popular photo and image editor is Photoshop and although Photoshop have a free account option the storage available to free members is very limited and free members don't have access to all the services pro members can use.To take advantage of the top graphic tools available you have to become a pro member and it's not cheap.

So what are the alternatives, while image hosting or image sharing services like Photobucket and Flicker offer some services to edit your photos the main purpose of these websites is hosting and not photo editing or image creation.

So we will look beyond the Image hosting sites to the top three websites that offer image, photo and graphic editing services to rival Photoshop.If your looking to spice up some pictures or create custom fonts or logos it does not need to cost a cent.

The first photo editing website is a site with features similar to photoshop and does require a download but it is 100% free.The next too are more easy to use and are web based so you can sign up and start with no download required.

The Top Three

1. Gimp

The top site in my mind is Gimp, and a simple search on YouTube will generate some awesome Video tutorials (Mainly from 10 year old's !) using Gimp.

It is probably not advised to look at the graphics people are creating on YouTube until you get used to the basics as the advanced users can make even the most difficult graphic creations look easy and that can be off putting as you struggle to draw a circle.


Gimp is a bit complex, and for a beginner it can be hard so the next selection is somewhat more 'new user friendly'.

2. Picnik

Picnik may not be as powerful as Gimp but it is much easier to use and it integrates with the main image hosting sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and you can even bring in your photos from Facebook and Myspace for a touch up.Picnik is also web based so unlike Gimp it does not require a download.

While Picnik offer a premium upgrade the free account is more than enough for the average user.All the tools for improving your images and adding special effects are available without paying a cent.


Picnik is a great site i personally use, the next site comes highly recommended.

3. FlauntR

While I'm a regular user of Both Picnik and Gimp i have not spent too much time on FlauntR, but in a recent discussion on Facebook a few friends recommended it.According to them FlauntR offer very easy 1 click options and if your looking to add some Effects to your photos you should look no further.

From a quick browse through FlauntR the main theme is photo editing, rather than Graphic creation or creating something like a logo as with Gimp.FlauntR is also web based so you don need to download any software,they also integrate with the main image hosting and social networking websites.

Flaunt R

There are many more sites appearing that offer free photo edit services and hopefully the days of Photoshop dominating the market with extravagant fees are numbered.

Have you a favorite that i left out ?