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Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Many people suffer from atopic dermatitis so will know that atopic means that an allergy has been inherited for example hayfever or asthma.  In this article though, I am talking about the dreaded eczema.  Other names can be dermatitis, dry skin or what I call my yucky rashy hands . For those of you who may not know what eczema looks like here is a picture:

Eczema on the handCredit:

This could actually be seen as a mild case as eczema can affect people all over the body and their skin can blister and bleed.  I have suffered from eczema for years and it affects my hands and arms.  I have had to have hospital treatment and tablets to try and stop it from getting worse.  I am lucky though, mine comes and goes and I can usually keep it under control.  Many people suffer and no matter what they do not a lot works to keep the horrible beast in it's cage.  Here is some advice I can give on atopic dermatitis treatment from my own experience.  (Please note this may help people with mild dermatitis and people who are suffering with a bout of dry skin but if it is more than that a doctor should always be seen.  This is not professional medical advice just from personal experience advice).

A lot of the time eczema starts out as just dry skin.  As I suffer from it I find if I forget to moisturise my hands one day and do too much washing up etc this will already start off my eczema, as my dry skin becomes itchy and then turns into a rash, so I try and moisturise several times a day.  My favourite cream, and i use it on my son too, is Aqueous Cream:

Aqueous Calamine Cream
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I have used this cream since I first got eczema and as long as I do not have a really bad outbreak (which if you suffer from eczema you may get no matter what you do) this cream has always helped to keep my hands smooth and eczema free which means no steroid creams etc needed.  E45 cream can work just as well I just like aqueous cream as, like I said, it is safe for my son to use as well and I know it works at keeping my hands away from dry skin the majority of the time.  It is also very safe to use on your face and areas like this which are very sensitive to some treatments, as a couple of times at its worse, I have broken out slightly on my cheeks too.

When I have an outbreak of eczema on my hands I struggle to not scratch them at night.  I usually have to get some steroid cream from doctors to clear the rash but you can only put that on twice a day so at night I get some gloves and I put some aqueous cream on my hands and I go to bed with the gloves on to stop me from the urge to scratch.  If you suffer with your feet do the same but wear socks to bed. 

There is one great thing I get out of having eczema on the hands and arms, of course it is a very small thing as eczema sucks no matter what, but when I have an outbreak my other half has to do the washing up This is another thing you should try and avoid whilst suffering from bad dry skin or eczema.  You can also use aqueous cream to wash your hands with after using the lavatory as it still kills all the germs and you should avoid using soapy hand washes.  It also makes a brilliant body wash moisturiser if you suffer everywhere or in other parts of your body so you dont have to use shower gel or shampoo etc.

For everyone out there that suffers from this annoying, ugly allergy then I feel for you I really do.  I know how frustrating it can be when it appears and there is not a lot you can do to make it go away quickly.  But the few things I have noted above may help those that can do almost with out any doctor intervention.  I only have to see the doctor if I have a really bad bout of it and he gives me some steroid cream which settles it and I continue with what I usually do.

Please leave comments if you have had personal experience with eczema or dry skin and treatments that may have worked for you etc