First MondayCanton, Texas is home to one of the largest flea market venues in the world. It is often said that no matter what you are looking for you can find it at Canton, First Monday. Tourists can stay at the Longbranch Hotel and shop the Mountain and the Village; watch a gunfight, and consume some tasty treats while browsing through the booths. Whether you choose to stay the weekend, or only visit for the day there are many things to see and do in Canton, Texas.

Texas MapThe town of Canton is located 60 miles east of Dallas on Hwy I20. Travel toward Louisiana and you can't miss it. First Monday is a monthly event the weekend before the first Monday of every month. In Canton the weekend starts early so folks heading down for a day trip can get a day of fun and shopping in. Vendors typically set up shop on Thursday and sell merchandise until Sunday.

Chainsaw ArtCanton's First Monday sale has taken on a life of its own. What started as a small swap meet, over a century ago, has blossomed into several hundred acres (160 to be exact) of family fun. Some locals say this meet started because of a traveling circuit judge schedule, others say a livestock swap meet was behind it all. No matter, how it came to be, people who come to Canton to do their buying and selling are glad it did.

Twisted Sister BoothVendor's selling wares come from all over the state of Texas and beyond to be a part of the "World Famous First Monday Trade Days." 7,500 vendors come to Canton, Texas every month to open up shop. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, you can expect to find a wide array of goods for sale. Antique dealers, blacksmiths, log furniture makers, quilting bees, and fine food are only a few of the things to be found at this flea-market. Bargain hunters enjoy the one-of-a-kind finds, and friendly atmosphere of the booth owners. Novelty items, and custom designs are part of what makes Canton's First Monday so special. Hard to find collectibles, and oddities are just around the next corner. A veritable treasure trove of handmade goods and personalization services keep shoppers coming back year round.

The VillageThe Original First Monday Park is the place to find treats you've been craving all week long. Visit the Baked Potatoe Restaurant and you will get a history lesson( because of the name) and a song with your meal. This Texas landmark was the original six acres that made the Canton Trade Days famous. In this section of town you can find, roasted corn, homemade lemonade, funnel cakes, and much, much more. Don't pass up the homemade ice cream while your up at the Original First Monday Park. Shoppers can easily walk 28 miles during a trip, by the time you decide you want it, you might be too far to make it back.

Shopping at First MondayIt's often said you should bring your dream to Canton and see what happens. First Monday is home to artists that had a dream. The vendor's and local's all have a tale to tell. Many of whom started their rags to riches story right on the trading grounds. Single moms, saddle making' cowboys, and quilters have all found a loyal following here in Canton. At First Monday you can purchase grilled steaks from a butcher, find a candle maker selling scents for cents, and bakers displaying their finest goodies. Anything can be bought or sold here, even the kitchen sink for the right price.

Which Way?Canton's First Monday is a great activity for families. Children can get their face painted while mom browses through the shops. Dad can look at hunting stuff, fishing stuff, and well, stuff. Take in a reenactment show, have a picnic in the park and just slow down. Canton is home to some of the finest lodging in the country. If you find you just can't see it all in one day, stop in at a local bed and breakfast and let them take care of you. Many vendors rent motorized carts for a nominal fee and they are certainly a fun way to get around at the trade centers.