Adding a stylish new canvas gazebo canopy to your deck or patio is a surefire way of bringing a touch of class and luxury to the great outdoors. Canopies make it possible to entertain in style, no matter what Mother Nature may have in store.

Gazebo canopies are long-term, semi-permanent structures designed to provide shelter from wind, rain and sun. The gazebo consists of a set of sturdy legs that supports a lattice or other framework. The legs and framework are usually made of steel or aluminum, although in some cases, they are made of some other type of material. Quite often, gazebos with wooden legs and frameworks are used to cover a Jacuzzi or hot tub.

A durable, weather resistant fabric or canvas covering attaches to the framework via a series of snaps or Velcro straps. In addition, side curtains and decorative treatments are available to lend a touch of elegance to the canopy. A popular summertime option is a metal or plastic screen that keeps bugs and other unwanted visitors outside. The screen is attached to the framework with zippers, and can be pulled back when not in use.

A gazebo canopy will require some assembly, but it should not take much work to install most models, oftentimes the process only takes about an hour. Canopies can be installed on a variety of surfaces, but if available, a level, flat surface is preferred to insure a safe, stable location. Most canopy models are free standing, and will not require the use of guy wires, stays or other external support. The legs and framework usually bolt together, but some models simply slip together. The fabric covering is attached to the completed framework.

Some outdoor gazebo canopies require only stakes or pegs to secure and anchor down the completed structure, but most canopy manufacturers will recommend using concrete screws or other fasteners that are specifically made to fasten the legs securely in place. It is a good practice to anchor an outdoor shelter in areas of high winds or frequent storms. The fabric covering is usually durable enough to withstand normal, everyday winds, but should be removed from the framework when thunderstorms or other severe weather conditions are expected.

A canvas gazebo canopy is available in wide range of colors, styles and designs, ranging from formal and elegant to breezy and carefree. Whether used as a pleasant shade from the summer sun, an outdoor barbecue pit or even a formal dining area, there is sure to be one available that would enhance any outdoor décor or design scheme.