During hot summer days and in time for the warm months of the year, don't you ever wish your home got a cooler place where you can hide from the heat? Don't you ever think of the ways to keep cool without the actual need of traveling to a much cooler place just to survive the warm seasons? Don't you ever dream of having a nice outdoor space where you and your family can spend time beating the heat and enjoying each other's company? I all your answers to these questions are a yes, then you've got a simple solution. Think of investing on a nice canvas patio awning and all your weather problems will be resolved.

What is a Canvas Patio Awning?

Years ago, traditional awnings were only available in canvas. Today, the material remains to be the most popular option because it is cheaper, more flexible and relatively durable compared to other awning constructions. It is also carried in a vast option of colors, patterns and designs, making it easier for you to match the color or the theme of your patio or the color scheme of your house. With the right color or pattern of canvas, you can give your patio an outlandish, simple and simple elegant look. Complete your setup with some patio treatments such as candles, outdoor furniture and potted plants and you can instantly augment the curb appeal of your home.


Against the blazing heat of the sun, a canvas patio awning serves as your patio's umbrella. However, unlike any other umbrella, this simple home addition is rather more effective in blocking the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. For one thing, as you spend time sitting right at your patio, it shields your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Prolonged exposure to this element is known to cause minor to serious skin problems. Aside from your skin, an awning will also shield your patio furniture and other patio and outdoor treatments from the fading effects of sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight usually causes the color and polishes of wood and other materials to fade and be ruined. In addition to sunlight, a canvas awning is excellent in protecting you against insects and debris such as fallen leaves, twigs and branches. This should keep you comfortably lounging right at your patio, keeping cool amidst the blazing rays of the sun.


Unlike other materials of awnings, canvas is not ideal for all-weather patio protection. It stands ideal in giving you your much needed sun protection during hot and warm periods of the year. However, against high winds, rains and snow, it is not as effective as imposed by the limited protection offered by the material. For one thing, canvas is not entirely water-proof. In addition, prolonged exposure to harsh elements such as sunlight and rain might eventually cause immediate replacement for the awning's material. Canvas, unlike aluminum and plastic, is subject to gradual wear and tear.

Getting your Canvas Patio Awning

Though the prospect of installing a canvas patio awning proves to be a wise home improvement project, your hectic proves to be a challenge in allotting time to plan and select which design to take. Thankfully, we've got a dozens of home design magazines that can help us through this project. If that is not enough good news, you can always hit the online canvas awning websites to get more design ideas. This way, you get to browse dozens of canvas pattern and color selections and immediately get a price quote right in a few mouse clicks.