I have been all around the world before and I have seen many different types of people and places. Each one had their own uniqueness about it which set it apart from the rest of the world. I want to talk about one of the more outstanding ones on my journeys across the world and one which happened pretty recently as well. 

I visited the wonderful city of Cape Town for a holiday over the festive season. The city is bigger than it seems but getting around was a breeze with a range of different types of public transport always roaming the streets looking for customers. The drivers were friendly and knew the city pretty well especially while in the heart of the city. 

The heart of the city is exactly where I spent most of my time in Cape Town. This area was filled with so many attractions that you wont know where to start when you want to go somewhere. There was restaurants, clubs and shops. I stayed at a small(compared to some of the other ones) boutique hotel which had a reputation of being one of the best hotels in cape town.  The service there was excellent once again and the people made me feel welcome from the moment I put my foot in the door. 

I found myself stuck when it came to the night-time as what to do and which one of the many places to go to. There are so many clubs in Long street alone that I couldn't stay in one for to long as I wanted to explore as many in one night as I could. The best food I had was in Green Point by a place called Cubana. Their ribs were fantastic, probably the best I have ever had. 
The beaches I visited while here was Clifton and Camps bay. The beaches here are unbelievable. You will see the greatest sunsets from Clifton. The water was a bit to cold for me to take a swim but some guys and girls for that matter would brave this cold and swim out to one of the many yachts out there. 

Cape Town is highly popular with tourists and I did not know why until I went there and experienced it for myself. Now I would suggest it to anybody as the top of your list when planning your next holiday.  Beautiful places and beautiful people makes a truly beautiful place.