Table mountain


My recent visit to this wonderful city brought about a certain change in me. The friendliness of most of the Capetonians made me feel welcome. The smell of the ocean all around made me feel serene and the backdrop of the mountains reminded me that a city is not made solely of skyscrapers, highways and intersections but of its natural beauty too.

Other than the natural beauty of what is known as "The Mother City", there were the tourist attractions. Many historical events have taken place in Cape Town. The most popular, visited by many tourist, is Robben Island. Robben Island was a prison for prisoners, political or criminal. It held the infamous Nelson Mandela for 27 years of his life. Although this prison was a great symbol of apartheid, it is still viewed today as a reminder of some of the worlds greatest leaders.

Now, if you are a city dweller,such as myself, the Beach would be a foreign aspect of your life. I know it was for me. I wanted to see as much sand, sun and sea as i could in the two weeks of my stay. I found the most poplar surf and sand spots, Camps Bay and Clifton. These are clean and safe, with life guards watching over you. And you can even pick up a "lolly to make you jolly" whilst relaxing with a good book or building sand castles in the sand.


Not every city is perfect, and although Cape Town seems close to it, there are a few factors that throw it off course. The first is the wind. I should admit, Cape Town has on numerous occasions been called the "Windy City" but it becomes somewhat annoying as you struggle to walk or even hold onto your goods, Especially since the city isn't the cleanest either. With all the papers flying about and your hair all over the place it's hard to look good.

Full Review

I have traveled on numerous occasions, surveying many of my destinations and comparing them. However, nothing compares to the beauty of Cape Town. Cape Town is situated in the western region of South Africa, a city surrounded by mountains and the clear blue ocean. This is a city any South African can be proud of not only for their tourists attractions but for the feeling of belonging.

In Closing

Even if only for a few days, i recommend Cape Town as a great place for a family holiday or even as a great break after a busy year. Everybody should experience this city the way i did. With love from Cape Town!