Steve Rogers was considered unfit for military service. He later volunteered himself for a top research project which was deemed to be a secret. This project finally turned into Captain America. He became a super hero. He was dedicated towards defending American ideals. But there is no need for you to go on secret missions or become a super hero to adorn Steve Rogers' costumes as Captain America. Captain America costumes are available for both adults as well as children. Captain America costumes are available for infants also. The captain America costume for infants includes a character hat and a jump suit. The Captain America costume for boys of ages 3 to 5 has a body suit and wings on the character hood.

The Captain America costume for little older children includes a deluxe muscle chest with muscle torso along with the body suit. The adult Captain America has an inflatable jumpsuit, battery, and a fabric hood. The adult captain America costumes also come with a mask and a shield and is also available for women. The women's costume includes an eye mask even as gloves and boot covers. A cape is also attached to the girls' kid's costume. The costumes for teens include a mini dress with a belt attached. Wrist gauntlets and leggings are also available with the teen girl's costume set. Captain America gloves as well as captain America boots are available separately. Captain America's costume symbolizes the fight for justice and liberty.

Captain America masks are also available with an A engraved on it. Captain America shields are also available which is a perfect addition to the costume. The shield is made out of metal or wood. Shields made of plastic are also available which are safer for smaller children. Face tattoos of captain America are available in all sizes which can be applied temporarily. If you feel like or have the feeling of saving the world, then you can adorn a captain America face tattoo. It gives a lot of fun and it is temporary only.

The Halloween captain America costumes may transform you into a super hero. The suit typically comes in polyester. The color of the captain America costume is red, white, and blue body suit. It has a motif of the American flag in the chest region of the suit. To give the costume a true appearance muscle padding are stuffed inside. Wrist and ankle cuffs made of foam are included. Wings made of poly-foam are attached to the suit. The mask that is made of polyester has "A" mark centered on the forehead. You will surely be transformed into a Halloween super hero in this costume.