If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, then you are going to want to check out this collectible doll from Mattel. There have long been many Barbie dolls created to immortalize many of the great characters that have been on the big screen. None are more bigger then life then Captain Jack Sparrow. Being just released, this doll is going to be one of the best selling of the collectors dolls out there.


Barbie Collector Dolls


This is not the only collector doll that Mattel is creating to celebrate the movie Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. They have also created an Angelica doll as well. However, no one can hold a candle to the amazing popularity of Jack. As with many toys that Mattel has created on these lines, this will be a limited edition release. You will see that these will quickly become a hot collectors item.




The creators of this toy have taken special care to pay attention to the smallest details that make this pirate come to life. You will see the detail in the boots all the way up to the hat. Captain Jack Sparrow even has a skrunken head hanging from his belt. Even if you do not usually collect these types of dolls, this one is going to stand out and should be snatched up before it sells out.


Recommended Ages


The recommended ages for this Pirates of the Caribbean Doll are ages 6 and above. This is because of the smaller parts that can cause a choking hazard in young children and the collectibility of the item. You can purchase this and easily put it on display until your children get a bit older to handle it.


Where to Buy It


The best place to buy Captain Jack is going to be online. Many stores will not see stock of this limited edition item and if they do then they will only get one or two. Sites like Amazon and Toys R Us are going to be able to guarantee your purchase and make sure that you receive the authentic item that you want. This is very important when it comes to collecting, as there will be knock off items of these very popular figure. So make sure that you order your Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Doll today so that you are not left without a piece of the pirate's life.