The GoPro HD Video Camera

The GoPro HD Video Camera

This Hard Body Camera Is Perfect for Summer Activities

Have you ever looked around for a video camera that would be good for all different types of terrain, angles, accessories, and perfect for filming extreme sports? Well it is time to look no further this is the camera for you! HERO now offers you the GoPro HD, a high quality camera completely made to handle everything that you can throw at it and packs more power than most professional cameras today. Its very small compact design surprises you, and along with easy to use user interface helps make this camera great for both professional and recreational use. Once you purchase this camera and use it for the main reason it was made, extreme sports, you will never go back to any other type of video camera! The GoPro HD is a great buy for just around 300$ because of it's sleek compact design, the quality and different levels of footage the GoPro brings to the table and the different and unique ways you are able to use this camera.

Compact Rugged Design

The GoPro HD is a very small camera only weighing around 10.6 ounces, that’s virtually nothing for a HD camera, and only four by three inches it is an extremely small camera but it packs a huge punch! It has a 127 degree wide angle lens, this makes it very easy to use the point and shoot method and be able to capture everything you are shooting without missing a single thing. This camera being so small has its strong advantages, one being that this camera is so compact that it is completely water proof up to 180 inches or 60m, this means you can get your surf, wakeboarding or any type of water sports shots perfectly, easily and efficiently! Along with it being very compact and an "easy to look at" product, it has a very simple user interface from being able to cycle through multiple types of levels of footage, the automatic white balance, and easy accessible record button, the GoPro has everything you need and more. It does not end here, the design is just one of the reason this is such an amazing product.

Incredible Versatility

The next reason I believe this camera is so great and perfect for anyone trying to capture there extreme sports on film, or for just recreational use, is because of the fact it is able to record in so many different levels of recordings for such a cheap price. Starting at 960p with a 170 degree range of view and 4:3 aspect ration, and moving all the way up to 1080p, the highest level or video recording to this day, 127 degree range of view with a 16:9 aspect ration! This camera has an extremely wide range to choose from for its size and price. The GoPro HD will film in 30 frames per second(fps) in any type of recording level, or you could even shoot in 720p 60 fps making this camera have a very smooth look of footage along with being able to make that awesome slow mo clip you are striving for in full HD! It is great for filming any type of sports or just putting together clips from different things you film, the options are endless with this camera and that is one thing that makes it so special.

Unmatched Accessories

The last reason I think the camera is such a great buy is the different accessories that come with it, from being able to attach this camera to a ski pole to get that perfect angle to placing it on your helmet to get those awesome helmet shots. You can hook this up to virtually anything, it has multiple accessories that you can purchase online or make for yourself. These accessories allow you to hook this camera up to your chest, your helmet, or even the end of your ski or surfboard! This is the new must need camera for any extreme sport and more and more professional companies are using it in their films to this day. Don’t be surprised when in the near future while you are watching your favorite snowboarders, even lacrosse or football players, on YouTube you are watching it through their eyes, through footage shot on the GoPro HD! You can take this camera virtually anywhere, the sky, the ocean, the mountain, or you home town no matter the place it will be perfect for the job! The GoPro might be one of the most versatile camera of our time period and is now a necessity for any sort of extreme sport footage.

The Perfect Camera for the Extreme Sports Athlete

The GoPro HD is perfect for almost any type of filming, with is minimal fisheye/wide angle lens, to the fact it is waterproof and can film such an amazing quality of footage! Why wouldn’t you get this product? If you are filming any sort of extreme sports and you know how difficult it is to find the right equipment to do it with this is your solution to those agonizing stressful problems! There is no other camera to this day that can match the size and power if this tiny video camera. Nor can any camera match up to the things this video camera can do, from attaching it to the end of your ski pole to the helmet of a skydiver. It had become more and more popular and soon it will be just as famous as a normal video camcorder or the flip video cameras that you see in almost every household today. The GoPro is a unique camera and an amazing buy just at 300 dollars because of it's sleek compact design, extremely high quality of footage, and the fact it can be used in so many different terrains and in so many different ways! I would recommend this camera to anyone, no matter the amount of experience they have with film and editing, especially someone trying to film extreme sports! The GoPro HD is the camera of the future!