India, the country that defined the incredible luxury through its stout Maharajas and their fondness of indulgence in the past is now all set to engulf the tourists through its fleet of five luxury trains.

These trains, crisscrossing the different Indian states showcase the refined standards of royalty exclusive to its parent state. Intricately related to the heritage, culture and traditions of the homeland, these trains provide everything a tourist expects from an incredible tour to India.

Most of the times, tourists avail these luxury trains as a result of a mysterious enigma they perceive from various sources. But soon, as they board the train, this enigma gets resolved as they get to live the most special and luxurious experience of their life surrounded by the royal treatment here.

Over the 30 years of its history, the Indian luxury trains have come a long way. From a single train using the heritage coupes of the erstwhile royals, the luxury trains have diversified into five big brands which are getting better and better every year. They are Palace on Wheels and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels (Rajasthan), Golden Chariot (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and Deccan Odyssey (Maharashtra). The grandest of them all is Maharajas Express running on five routes of royalty.

Inspired by the grand Maharaja lifestyle, these luxury trains display the grandeur of the royals. In fact, every element in this train is selectively handpicked in order to provide the ultimate experience to the guests. Right from the tasteful décor to the sumptuous cuisines, from the visits to the heritage monuments to the amazing royal hospitality by the attendants; everything aboard these royal trains is the best of a kind.

There are many more selective elements that distinguish this train from the other counterparts rolling in the world. But the most important element during this indulgent train tour of India is the close association of the itinerary with the heritage of the land.

If a tourist is boarding the Palace on Wheels, he / she will be transported to the royal kingdoms of Rajputana and their intricate legends resonating with the state’s glorious past. Similarly, a tourist aboard the Golden Chariot Train will have a refined experience of Kannada hospitality fused with the heritage of ruined kingdoms. Even the name of the train, Golden Chariot is inspired by a stationary Stone Chariot in Hampi, Karnataka.

This rich association with the heritage of the land is what makes every luxury train in India unique in its own space. So, even if a tourist is repeating the luxury train tour to another destination, he / she is sure to have a different luxurious experience altogether, attuned to the beliefs and royalty of the state.

Indian Luxury train is a representation of the colours, richness and heritage on the go. In fact, it presents the best of the country seasoned with a hint of welcoming hospitality exclusive to the region in indulgence. Tourists who want to experience the best of India must avail a luxury train tour to actually capture its exhilarated enigma. For a detailed journey through this incredible experience, visit India luxury train.