Experiment with your camera

By experimenting with the different setting on your camera you will learn how to capture good shots that you will be proud to show others.  All cameras have different settings.  If taking photos of flowers close-up then put on flower.  If your target is moving use the running stick man. Sunsets and sunrises are the best and most popular with photographers and I have seen and taken thousands of these but they all appear different in some aspect.  If you are successful you can soon learn to upload these photos and earn money on the internet with them.

This particular article is just for fun.  My husband and I wanted to take photos of these galahs and observe their different actions when scared by either cats, or in this case humans taking photos. 

As we did not have the video camera handy we decided to see how these shots would turn out.  Have you ever watched birds doing a variety of things and wished you had a video camera. It is so frustrating the amount of times we have seen something that would look great. Especially while traveling around the countryside, and a lot of the times we didn't have a camera with us to capture that scene or action just as we are doing now.

In the photo above the Galahs were all busy eating without a care in the world.

The Photo below shows they are becoming jittery and know someone is watching.

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A Story can be told with a succession of photos

You could do something like this and tell a story like that in a childrens book with a variety of pictures, suited to your particular book title.  Very young children all start off with picture books.  Why not give that a go with your camera, if you don't try you will never know what you can achieve.

The picture below shows that we now have their attention



  This one shows that Alarm bells are ringing


We are out of here


We have Lift Off!


Danger is over, eating resumes but guards are watching


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Learning how to fix imperfections on your photo

Don't stop just because you have taken your photos. Actually that could be just the begining of fun with your camera. Personally I do not like photos that have been changed, touched up or made into marble effects etc. Yes I have done it although like in this case it was just as an experiment.

Once you have uploaded your pictures into your computer you can use a photo program where you can add light from different angles, add sepia effects and many other effects. The beauty of these programs to me is you may have a lonely old apple or pear on your fruit tree but with a little bit of effort your tree can suddenly be loaded with fruit by using the clone brush.

Removing scratches is another great way to improve old photos. We had a stone hit our windscreen and its amazing how many times it showed up in the photos that we took. Within a few minutes the scratch was all gone by using the clone brush.The picture below is another one taken of the galahs. Although we brought it up close so you can actually see more of what the birds are doing. Note how some have flown but have actually grabbed some of the grass clutched in their claws.


Remember that taking photos is just the beginning. Making sure you keep your photos safe is just as important. If you are like us we take hundreds of photos at a time and if we did not have them backed up we could lose them to a computer virus or even the hard drive may fail then what would you do. Instead of taking this risk learn how to keep your photos safe.

If you like to see photos of birds then you may like to see Australian Birds in the wild

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