Buying a new or used car can be a frustrating endeavor, especially with all the potential risks with used cars. One of the best ways to ensure that you aren't getting taken to the cleaners is to get a CARFAX vehicle history report before finalizing any sale.

There are many things to look for when determining whether your selected car is a lemon or not. It is important to know the sale history, whether the car has ever been rebuilt, accurate mileage, and any accident history. CARFAX is able to gather information on these topics using their nine different reporting subjects: mileage accuracy, report summary, accident reports, vehicle specifications, ownership details, lemon law, classification, recall news, warranty items, and vehicle history details.

Vehicle history reports are a great way to gather all available information about used cars. The VIN or vehicle identification number basically gives you access to anything that has been reported about any given car. You can find this number at the base of the dashboard on the driver's side, close to the windshield.

After obtaining the VIN for your chosen car, it is time to gather information. At, you can enter the VIN for a vehicle history report. There are a few different types of reports you can order. The free report is relatively standard and simple, and is only recommended if you highly trust your seller. It is certainly better than nothing though. The single complete report option is a $29.99 report for a single vehicle. You can get up to ten of these reports for $34.99. If you are planning on doing a little shopping around, this can be a great option. Furthermore, if you are really in the market for a valuable car, you can purchase the unlimited reports plan for $39.99. With this plan you are able to order as many reports as you'd like for the duration of a month.

Just because there are no red flags on the CARFAX report, does not guarantee the car is in perfect condition. It is always recommended that you take a car to a mechanic, even if the vehicle's history report comes back clean. In the event that you are stuck with a lemon car, find a lemon law attorney in California to protect yourself.