Car Accident Injury Claim

The ideal approach to ascertain exactly how much your car accident injury claim is worth when you are hurt in a car accident is to firstly think how the insurance company will value your claim. An insurance company will normally look at the types of damage, extent of damage and then the percentage of fault

The kinds of damages or injuries an insurance company will usually pay for consist of the following:

Medical Costs: This includes medical costs received to treat an injury, for example doctor's appointments; hospital expenditures; emergency room costs; fees for chiropractic care; physical treatment; and any kind of medical devices that might have been needed for your recuperation, such as a neck brace or crutches. These costs are recoverable only if they resulted directly from your injury. If a new injury is caused as a result of the injuries suffered in the car accident then you will have to consult your lawyer further. The price of a medical assessment carried out for the reasons of the lawsuit is generally not recoverable, but yet again do look into that and see what advice your lawyer offers. If you can get a good idea of how much all these expenses are worth then you will have a better idea of how much the whole lawsuit is worth as most insurance companies base their payouts on the actual medical costs.

Future Medical Costs: It would obviously need a doctor to verify that you will more then likely need further continued treatment and they will give an estimate of how much this will cost.

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering damages or injuries may be given for physical pain resulting directly from the accident or injury. The jury will assess the pain, the severity of the pain and the likely length of the pain for the victim and take that all into account when considering compensation.

Mental Anguish: This is when the victim feels that the accident has affected them in such a way they get constantly nervous, scared, nauseous or otherwise. Often if a victim has been disfigured by an accident this can leave possible mental trauma and is much easier to assess. This would normally require a psychologists report.

Lost Wages: You should be able to recover any loss of earnings during the period of recovery from the accident to the time you are able to restart working. This is one of the more common and easier aspects to work out from a claim.

Loss of Earnings: If a victim feels that the accident has damaged them either physically or mentally in such a way that there future earnings will be less then this can be taken into account.

That is the mere basics of what you need to know for your car accident injury claim for further advice its best to speak directly to your lawyer.