What you should include in car accident injury claims:

When filing an auto accident injury claim, the last thing you want to think about is the details. You have just been trough a traumatic experience, you are most likely in shock and pain, and most likely you are looking for a replacement of your car. Unfortunately now is the time when car accident injury claims are lost. By not following procedure properly you risk eliminating eligibility for any coverage whatsoever.

Medical expenses are usually considered the benchmark for the amount of compensation you can expect to receive from an auto accident injury settlement. Trips to the hospital, testing, follow up doctor visits, chiropractor, and specialists costs all need to be documented extensively and accurately. A good rule to remember is that you can not "over document" your case, so the more information you can provide to a judge and jury, the better the change you have at winning. Any details you can include in your notes such as the level of pain you are experiencing each day, and why you needed to see the doctors you did will help a judge and jury determine a proper settlement.

Medical bills are not the only variable accounted for when determining a fair settlement. Intangible things like "pain and suffering" can also be accounted for monetarily by a judge. Like medical expenses, accurate documentation is crucial for a judge to determine whether the existence of your pain and suffering is worth compensation. Where you hurt, and the level of pain felt should be recorded on a daily basis as a minimum.

The amount of wages lost due to your accident can also be included in the estimate of your losses. Be sure to have adequate proof of income to back up your claim, and the longer you held the position prior to the accident, the better.

How much is your auto accident injury worth?

Obviously there is no set amount a car accident is worth. However there are some guidelines as to what kind of compensation you can expect to receive for your injuries.

If it was a minor accident with no bodily injuries, all you can expect to receive in the form of compensation is the cost of damage to the car itself. Compensation for shock or hassle is not usually granted.

If the accident caused some injuries, victims can expect to be paid for their medical expenses and lost wages.

If the accident resulted in the "loss of lifestyle" due to severe injuries or disability the victim may receive compensation in the range of 6 figures to millions depending on the severity and the
fault of the driver in addition to reimbursement for the loss of wages, medical bills, home care, and special equipment.

When the life of an innocent person is lost, the payout for pain and suffering of the survivors can be substantial depending on the circumstances of the accident.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult the advice of a licensed attorney in the event of any car accident or personal injury.