antenna balls1Antenna balls, also known as antenna toppers, are a great way to give your or someone elses car a little attitude and distinction in a sea of vehicles. If you have a radio in your car then, more than likely, you have a radio antenna for reception on the outside of your car where these small gems can be placed. These colorful balls make the perfect gift for someone that has trouble finding their vehicle in a parking lot after a long day of shopping. Of course anyone with a rebellious, mischievous, or artistic nature can also enjoy these little attitude adders, and the great thing about giving them as presents are that they don't cost a lot of money.

Antenna balls are basically a small decorative item which has a hole in the bottom of it. This makes it easy to be securely fitted on the top of most car antennas. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and are usually made using a long lasting and durable material.

These balls first saw use in the late 1960's when companies began giving them out for free with purchases as an advertising campaign. The idea quickly caught on as all kind of companies began sticking their logo on balls and giving them out, especially restaurants and oil companies. There aren't as many companies as there use to be that give antenna balls away these days, but there are a number of companies that sell them. These decorative balls can be found in most automotive repair stores, but if you want a wider selection to choose from you'll find much more variety on the internet. There are several companies which sell on the web, and of course there is always Amazon. Check out these for a start (or just type in antenna balls): Happy Balls (which have over 500 products), Cool Balls, and Antenna Ball World. I've seen them priced for as low as .99 cents (on sale) up to $14.99, although most can be bought for under $6 bucks. They can also be found in novelty stores, party retailers and gift shops.antenna balls2

The variety of antenna balls available today is truly amazing. If you have a favorite sports team there will be a topper out there you can stick on your antenna to show your devotion. All types of cartoon and movie characters are also available. Even balls that show off which political affiliation you are leaning towards can be found quite easily around election time. The choices are many and the odds are good that you'll find some balls that will make you happy.

Now before you go out and buy balls for all of your friends and family, there are a few possible drawbacks that are common with antenna balls. Don't worry though, the two biggest problems have solutions.
• Theft: If you have a cool antenna topper it is entirely possible some jerk will be filled with jealousy and decide to steal it. You can take the ball off and put it in your car before going into stores, but this may get old after a while. Putting some superglue in the ball and then sticking it on your antenna should make it a little harder for someone to take if you want to go that route. You can also get a taller or thicker antenna which will make it harder for you to put on but also harder for others to take off.
• Wind and water: Driving at a fast speed on the interstate and going into car washes may cause antenna balls to come off and be lost forever. The solution is pretty much the same as with the solutions for theft.

If you're looking for a way to add a little style and uniqueness to your vehicle then antenna balls can be a good way to do this. They are fairly cheap, fun, and they come in a huge variety of styles and shapes.

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