Car's Battery

Your car battery is what gives power to all the electrical parts of the car. It's normally a rechargeable 12 volt lead-acid battery that provides the juice to the electrical system. This entails that there are various chemicals and water inside the battery which creates a reaction when it's in use. While it is recharging, the chemical reactions are reversed.

Car Battery For Beginners...It's Components...

The main parts of the starting system is that battery which gives power to the starter and the ignition system. The starter motor is simply an electric motor that turns over a few times until ignition takes place. The ignition system is what fires the mixture of gas and air in the engine cylinder to keep it running.

It's common knowledge that when the car battery is dead, there's no power to engage the starter. There can be a lot of reasons why it won't start, but when you hear that clicking noise, and the car doesn't start, than it is in all likelihood a weak battery. There are several devices that will keep your battery tended to prevent this from happening again. The clicking noise your hearing is telling you that your starter is working, but it's doesn't have enough power to engage the starter motor. When the battery is totally dead, you won't hear a clicking noise.

The car battery powers the electrical system and components of the car. The main parts to the electrical system are the headlights. The headlights, interior lights, trunk light, and alarm systems are all powered by the battery. That's why if you forget to turn off the lights, the battery drains and you and you don't have enough power to start the car.

Charging System

Car Battery For Beginners...How The Battery is Recharged...

You car is equipped with an alternator. This takes the mechanical motion of the engine running , via a fan belt, which turns the alternator which produces electricity to recharge the battery and power the electrical accessories your car has. The battery provides the power to start the engine, and the alternator returns the favor by recharging the battery. That's why if you need to jump start a car, you should let it run it for a while before you shut it off again.

There's also another device that attached to the alternator [it's called a regulator] it simply controls when to send power to charge the battery and it stops sending power to the battery when its charged. It's very important that the regulator is working, since if you overcharge the battery, you can make hydrogen and that may cause the battery to explode.

Most people have no idea how to service their own battery. After time corrosion can build up on the battery connections and cause a starting problem too. If you want many years of good service from your battery, using a Battery Tender device is a great way to maintain your car's battery.