Car Battery Service

So just exactly how long will your car battery last? How many years of trouble free service can you expect? You will never actually ask yourselves these questions until that cold, icy winter morning and of course your running late...When you put the key in the ignition and give it a turn and nothing happens.

And then realism strikes you, perhaps the battery is dead. After all, your car is approximately 5-6 years old and you've never checked your car battery in over 3 years. So how long do car batteries typically last?

The Average Car Battery Life is...

The automobile battery is going through a battle every day, on the one hand to last longer and...On the other to have to power all the new gizmos that ornament new car these days. So although the car battery continues to become progressively outfitted to handle more power needs, the increase in power usage of a battery and the extensive use of automobiles, brings the whole struggle back to square one. I knew I should have asked for a Battery Tender for my birthday.

Even so, there are numerous factors that play their role in affecting the average car battery life. The quality of the battery itself and the utilization aside, a great deal as well rides on the overall maintenance of the car and the battery upkeep. Also the number of times that the driver has kept the battery and has recharged the battery.

The average life for a car battery nowadays is around 5-6 years. But you'll still find some batteries that go on and on for a lot more years. The secret to increasing your car battery life span is...

Some Tips [secrets] To Extending Your Car Battery Life...

>>> Weather...Many of the newer car batteries come with climate specs. Right on the battery itself it should say what is the minimum temperature at which the battery will start problem free. So if you're dwelling in the colder parts of the world, purchase a battery which is designed for those climatic conditions.

Many people purchase the car in a warmer city and then move to another location, a much colder city and start to have car problems while trying to start. So keep this in mind when buying your new car or buying a new battery.

>>> The usage of the car...Overusing the car battery can really shorten the batteries life expectancy. So don't keep testing it. Make sure your headlights are off when you park your car for the night, don't honk too much and keep the AC and the stereo off when your cars not running. Keeping all the accessories [on] when the car engine is not running, really drains the battery a lot faster. Also making a lot of short trips can weaken the battery.

>>> Regular maintenance of the battery...Keeping your battery maintenance goes a long way in increasing its life expectancy. Making use of a Battery Tender when your car sits for long periods of time is a good idea. The next time you take your car in for servicing, make sure that the techs checks your battery. The battery cables and the terminals should be cleaned and maintained too. Get the water in the battery changed as well. Maintaining your car battery goes a long way in increasing its battery life.

Although these were simply a couple of common tips, they will still go a long way in preserving your car battery life expectancy. The automobile battery is a electro-chemical device and therefore needs to be maintained and inspected often to assure best functioning. So don't brush off your car repairs!