Car Color and Safety

Vehicle Safety and Color

Car safety is something everyone worries about. While tires and brakes are the first parts of a vehicle that come to mind when considering safety other areas are commonly overlooked. 

The Importance of Color

Vehicle color is generally a cosmetic consideration. Unsurprisingly it is not an area where safety comes first. In general the color of an automobile is one of two general categories as well as a special consideration for "racing red".

Racing Red

FerrariRedRed has long been associated with fast cars. Since a specific shade of red is often named "Ferrari Red" there is little surprise that many drivers associate this color with speed. What you should consider is that the color of the vehicle actually may affect your insurance premiums. The insurance industry looks for statistics that imply who is at the most risk for an accident. Red is the color most likely to incur high-cost color due to its racing pedigree and thus results in higher premiums.

Light and Bright

Lighter colors such a white are safest. This is due to their high visibility and light colors are especially beneficial during night driving. Not seeing a car of these colors is more difficult and such vehicles are often the safest choice. Lighter colors do have a large drawback, dirt. Colors such as white often run into the issue of visibility of dirt and grime. This can result in many extra cleanings to keep up a vehicle with a clean appearance.

Dark Colors

Colors such as black have a safety drawback that is greatly exaggerated at night. Needless to say aSUVBlack black vehicle is particularly difficult to see at dusk when headlights are not yet being used. Late at night this threat is even more prominent. While dirt is often a drawback of lighter colored vehicles, darker cars can often hide a dirty exterior which can save time for those on a busy schedule.

Regardless of vehicle color, the biggest safety factors are tires, brakes and lights. If the absolute safest vehicle in production is a must then be sure to consider the often overlooked vehicle color as it can mean the difference between a close call and a dangerous accident.