Car Donations to Charity - Who Benefits the Most from Car Donations?

So you want to donate your car to charity. It does not matter if it is old or new, you want to make good use of your spare vehicle and you want to send it off to charity. But who benefits the most from your old car? The truth is that it all depends who you are donating your old car to. There are many charities and they all benefit the needy in one way or the other. Sometimes the charity is for children battling diseases, the homeless, and other people in need. Getting rid of your old vehicle, whether it is a car, a truck, an old motorcycle, even a boat or RV can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. If you find the right charity for you, they can make getting rid of that old eye sore easy and quite fulfilling.

Some of the charities that you can donate to will make sure the proceeds go to those that deserve and need it. Some of the people in need are children who are battling life threatening illnesses like cancer, cystic fibrosis, AIDS, heart disease and other terrible diseases. Your old car will help make local children’s lives all the better. Even if your car is no longer running, it can help kids get what they so desperately need. It is also much more convenient than trying to sell your old vehicle or trading it in.

The right charity for you can help people and kids in your local community. You will have to do very little in getting rid of the vehicle you are donating. Most charities will do the work for you. There are plenty of online forms that you can fill out that will have you in contact with a representative in no time who you can plan with as to when your old car can be picked up. After all, if you have an old rusty pile of junk that is not doing anything but costing you money thanks to insurance and registration, why not donate it to someone in need?

On top of donating your car to the charity of your choice, you will also make yourself more environmentally friendly. Your car will end up being recycled, something that we all need to do more often. Even if you have more than one vehicle it will help with the environment, but if you manage to live successfully without the need of a vehicle then you will be cutting down on dangerous emissions and making the world a better place for all of us. If public transportation is not for you, there are other ways. Carpooling is always a popular choice. Talk with your coworkers and maybe you can work something out with them to get more of you to work while only using one vehicle. Of course if you are not far from your place of work and you are not afraid of a little exercise, then you could always bike to work.

Not only that but when you do donate your car you will be up for a tax deduction. Make sure you review the facts or contact your tax advisor so you can get more information on how you can get your vehicle donation tax deduction. Most charities will be happy to work with you. Most charities will pick up your car with no cost or hassle to you. Much better than taking time to take out an ad and dealing with the random people who will answer it. With the way things are these days it will be hard to find someone who will not try to haggle you down to next to nothing anyway. Trading your car in is an option, but how often do you get what your old car is worth anyway?

Certain charities will help you get the best and the most from your car donation tax deduction as well. Some of the charities will also handle much if not all of the paper work for you and some will even do the paper work that is needed to get your charitable tax deduction on your tax return. No matter where your car is located, even if it can no longer run, most charities will be able to get it for you and take it away. Many charities also accept almost every type of vehicle out there. Whether it be a car, a truck, a boat, etcetera and so forth.

The trick is finding the charity that works for you. If you want your old vehicle to go to someone specific then you will have to do some research. Make sure you are donating your car to an honest to goodness charity. There are plenty of shysters out there trying to take advantage of good people who only want to help others. It should not be too difficult to find out if who you are dealing with is the real thing or not. Make a few phone calls. Find some references. Ask about who the charity helps the most. Make sure the majority of the proceeds from your used vehicle (if not all) will go towards those in need and not the people running the so called charity.

That is not saying that every charity out there is merely just a front for some underhanded business trying to rip off charitable people like yourself. It just means you need to be careful and know what you are getting yourself into, especially if you want to donate to a specific group. If you want to donate to children battling illness instead of the homeless for example, make sure you find out that your charity is sending the proceeds to where you want them to go.

Remember, though, that even though you want to be charitable you do not want to put yourself in a position you will not be able to handle. Make sure that you can part with your old vehicle, of course if the vehicle no longer runs, you do not really have much to worry about now do you? If you live alone and you are donating your one and only vehicle make sure you can still get to where you need to go, or that you have enough saved up to purchase a new set of wheels to get you around like to work and to the store.

If you have a family and you own more than one vehicle, make sure you are not selling your loved ones short just because you are feeling an air of generosity. You do not want to make this act of kindness your last and end up being the one that needs help instead of the one that is helping after all. Make sure you have a plan in place to help you after your vehicle has been donated. If it is a junk car, than you have no worries. Same goes for if the vehicle is no longer being used. Say you have an old boat that you do not take out any longer, well than donate it! Get some good use out of things that are otherwise just taking up space and feel good about yourself for doing it!