Finding car insurance can be quite difficult if you are classified as a high-risk driver because some insurance companies will deny your insurance altogether, while other companies choose to charge very high premiums instead.It does not really matter what insurance company you choose because you will most likely have to pay a high rate no matter what.

You must shop around for the best rates available because every insurance company is different and they all have different policies and factors that can contribute to a classification of high-risk driver.

The most important factor in determining your risk status is your driving record.If you have been involved in driving accidents in the last 2 or 3 years, even if it has not been your fault, will negatively affect your record because you seem like a reckless driver and penchant for getting in dangerous situations.

Another thing that also increases your risk of getting in car accidents and raises your insurance premium is if you have received several speeding tickets lately.

Insurance companies have several personal factors that can contribute to get labeled as high-risk, and many of these factors are something you cannot do anything about.Typically, men are deemed a higher risk than women and those who live in the country are considered low-risk, while those living in a city are considered more often high-risk.This is a reason why people living in the city are almost always paying higher insurance premiums than those living in the country.

You will also have to pay higher insurance premiums if you drive with a newer car instead of an old car, even your credit history is a factor that can affect which insurance rating you will get, because those with low credit rating will often end up paying more for their insurance than those who have a higher credit score.The length of your coverage is also a factor that can decide how much you need to pay.If there are gaps in your coverage, the insurance company will assume you have been driving without coverage for some time.Insurance companies are considering this when they choose what rate they are going to offer you because driving without insurance is both very unsafe and illegal.

Erasing your high-risk label as a driver will take several years, but it can be done and it is worth doing. Driver´s safety standing are reassessed every three years.So, if you are a high-risk driver at the moment and manage to drive carefully and do not get into any accidents for the next three years then you can work your way back towards lower premiums and other benefits.

If you are paying high premiums at the moment, there are some things you can do to make the payments smaller.For instance, many car insurance companies offer free quotes online, this makes the comparison a lot easier.No need for you to call to several companies and meet with the salespeople.

There are websites like that allows you to enter your information once, and it will generate a list of rates that are organized in a way that is easy to read and understand.

In order to get the best possible car insurance rates, the best way is to work towards a clean driving record.Try to avoid speeding tickets means that you must slow down in reduced speed zones.