Before you abandon your car insurance company for the many others out there trying desperately to get your business, give them one last chance, and actually talk to them. Try talking to a real live agent.

Now a days, once you are set up with your  company, all the renewals and any automatic adjustments are done by computer. Many times a real live person has not even seen your policy, unless you have had to make a claim.

But if you have been lucky enough not to have made any claims, and you have been noticing all the ads out there on TV, magazines and bill boards about cheaper auto insurance, and after checking a few, you are thinking of jumping ship, then give your company one last chance to compete.


Talk to a Real Live Agent and Get a Good Deal

With the internet now, you can compare rates, find a company, and sign up and pay for your insurance online, and even print your slip for your car, without even as much as a "hello" to a real live person. This is extremely efficient for the company, but not always good news for you!

So, before you jump ship for one of the many other companies out there that are desperate for your business, especially if you have a clean record and no claims, take the time and actually phone up your own agent.

Tell them, you are not happy with the rates, that you have been comparing rates, and you feel you are paying too much. You don't have to be rude, this is strictly business. They do not want to lose your business, so they will pull up your record, and look through your policy to see if there are any hidden fees, for services you do not use, or don't want.

Is your deductible fairly low? If it is, this will cost you big time in your premium. It is better to pay for those minor fender benders than to claim them, and by having a higher deductible, then you are saving your insurance for the bigger incidents, that we all hope will not happen, but it can happen.

If you have grown children, who were at one time on your car insurance, as occasional drivers, were they ever taken off, once they went out and got their own cars? Or if your child is in university or college, did you know many car insurance companies offer discounts for students in post secondary schools who are still on your insurance?

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Let your agent go through your record. If you have been squeaky clean, then they can also lower your rate based on a history of no claims, and time with them. They will reward you for staying with them as well.

Sometimes their computers don't pick up on these changes, and once a year, and especially when you change cars, you need to take the time to go through your policy, rather than quickly phoning in your new information for your new car.

The problem is, many of these car insurance companies are automated, so even when you get a new car, or add another one, you can just phone is with your car information and get your new policy in the mail. How many people actually really look at that policy? Most of it tends to be legal jargon, but if you phone your agent, they can go through it with you.

Another way to save money with your car insurance company, is to bundle some services, such as your house insurance, or your contents insurance if you are a tenant. This can save you big time.

So, before you go leaping like a leap frog to the latest and cheapest car insurance company, maybe give yours a fighting chance. It is much easier to stay and you should be rewarded for loyalty, you sometimes just have to ask!