Car insurance for female drivers is a matter of dispute and argumentation between many men. That's simply because women are granted better deals for auto insurance than men, with many insurance companies.

Getting the cheapest car insurance if you're a woman is not a guarantee, however, as it isn't enforced by any law, so insurance carriers are free to make their own policies as they wish, in what their customers are concerned. Until not very long ago, the biggest players on the auto insurance market didn't even bother to consider females as a special category of clients. Lately, the number of women who drive a car increased dramatically, mostly in cities, so research companies were able to organize research on high risk driver categories and come up with conclusions that were embraced by insurance carriers, as they proved to lead to an increase in their profitability rate. These are several consideration that served as a basis for offering cheaper car insurance for female drivers by many insurers:

  • Almost all drivers found guilty of dangerous driving or other driving offences are men.
  • Men drivers drive for longer periods of time without stopping and on longer distances, while women prefer to drive mostly locally.
  • Women drive slower and more carefully than men, thus being safer drivers
  • Men are more obsessed with speed and showing off with powerful cars, therefore causing more accidents than females.
Under these circumstances, it's not unusual for insurers to give women drivers better rates, as they are less prone to file in a claim and generate loss for the car insurance company. Besides, it's also the female brain that makes women able of focusing on multiple tasks in the same time, with better efficiency than males.

It's true that there were a lot of jokes and funny pictures of women drivers on the internet, but statistics show the situation is not exactly like depicted by those jokes. So, to all ladies drivers out there, the message from insurance companies is encouraging. Of course, women seeking to insure their car could use multiple insurance quotes, because requesting them is free and quick, not needing anything else than their zip code submission. Having more than one option can prove to be a money saver, so there's no reason why anybody wouldn't want to take advantage if it. For instance, a student female driver insurance can be lower with some carriers and more expensive with others. It's worth prospecting the market, that's for sure.