Car insurance rates for teenagers can be ungodly but there are tips and tricks to getting good coverage and a decent rate. Here is some advice on how to keep your teen covered without breaking the bank.

Getting Your Teen on the Road

Step 1: Choosing the right vehicle. Let your young drivers start out with a cheap, safe, yet reliable used car. When it comes to the actual vehicle here are some things that can affect your policy costs:

Vehicle Safety Ratings & Standards: a vehicle make/model that is designed with safety in mind will be recognized by your car insurance company. So the higher the safety features the cheaper the car insurance rates for teenagers may be. These features can include: theft deterrents, crash resistance (or minimal damage shown during crash tests), air bags and all around vehicle durability.

Vehicle Cost & Condition Affect Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers: A new car, sports car or an expensive model vehicle is obviously going to cost more to insure and every agent will know this. So, if possible find a used, non-sports, type car that can easily be paid off in full to lock in a lower policy rate for your teen.

Step 2: Adding them onto your already active policy. If you already have a car insurance policy then here are a few tips you can use to lower the car insurance rates for teenagers:

Multiple Vehicle Insurance Savings or Discounts: If the vehicle that your teen will be driving is not already covered on your plan then by adding it you may qualify for a discount. Not each car insurance company offers savings from adding additional vehicles but many do so ask your provider if they offer such a discount.

Added Coverage: An individual insurance policy can be pretty pricey but you may find when simply adding your teenager onto your coverage policy that the rate increase is bearable in comparison to setting them up under their own policy.

Step 3: Don't let them slack on their studies and schooling to get the best car insurance rates for teens.

Good Grades to Some Means Good Drivers: Good student discounts are honored by a multitude of companies and if your student driver qualifies you could save some green. The specifications and restrictions may vary from one carrier to the next but be sure to inquire as to whether or not this is an option for you and how much this can stand to lower car insurance rates for teenagers that you are looking to set up a car insurance policy for.

Step 4: Knowledge and experience can spell out savings in some cases when looked at from a car insurance company's point of view.

Drivers Education: Being able to show and prove that your teen driver(s) already are familiar with the driving basics and safety rules for the road may also get you cheaper rates on your car insurance policy. Classes and programs are offered locally in most states so you can contact your department of licensing to find a location or program nearest to you and get your kid signed up.

Step 5: Finding the right company to sign up with. This can be the biggest, most important method you use to find the best car insurance rates for teenagers.

Car Insurance Comparisons: Compare several different company policies and costs before you jump in head first and get lock into any rate. There are dozens upon dozens of insurance companies out there that want your business and you just need to find out which one is the best one for you and which one is willing to offer the best car insurance rates for teenagers.

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