Getting car insurance under 25 years old shouldn't differ much from getting car insurance at any age. However, if we take into consideration that when you're under 25 you may be a student or a new driver, chances are that you fall into a higher risk category of customers and many carriers would charge you higher premiums, considering that you are more likely to get involved in accidents that would be followed by a claim.

It's true that this looks like a penalty for your age, a thing that you're not guilty for. But as insurance companies need to make profits in order to be able to function, they may run their business in the most profitable way, forgetting that they might hurt some categories of drivers, like those seeking car insurance under the age of 25. If young equals foolish, then we can easily see why this treatment is applied to young drivers. As everybody is trying to encourage safe and preventive driving, when you try to get discounted auto insurance quotes, don't forget to ask what happens with your premiums after one year without claims. Many companies offer significant discounts for such cases, so if you know yourself as a responsible and safe driver, you could take advantage of these offers. Depending on your area of residence, you may discover that rates differ, so don't trust quotes from carriers who don't operate at your local level. This is why those online car insurance quote forms ask you to provide your zip code. By doing this, they make sure to return only those results that may interest you, because they cover the place you live in. This is what matters most for the accuracy of insurance quotes, especially in the auto sector, where variations can be significant.

The costs of car insurance under 25 when you're a male driver and you have a powerful car could be high, because these are the signs of trouble any traffic agent would recognize. Unfortunately, statistic data show that the percentage of such drivers who get involved in car accidents with severe damages and injuries is higher than in case of other categories of drivers. You may feel offended that you're treated like a number, but insurance companies make money and manage to survive based on such statistic data. What if too many of their clients would suddenly fill in a claim? In this case, bankruptcy would be just around the corner, so all carriers try to avoid getting into such situations.

Here are a few tips to help you get cheaper car insurance under 25:

  • Go to college: full time students are often offered auto insurance discounts, which can get even bigger in case the student has good grades and passes all exams in time.
  • Ask a parent to add you on his or her car insurance policy: this can be a good idea, because your mom or dad would already have a longer driving history than you do, so they'd be able to benefit from better discounts.
  • Maintain a good credit score: I don't know why, but it's a common practice among car insurance companies to check on your credit score when they prepare your quotation. It's again a statistic fact, but if you're under 25 and needing car insurance, that's it, you have to take what you can find, then prove you're a good driver and get cheaper rates in the following year.