Car insurance womenWhat's the difference between a man who is looking for car insurance and a woman who is looking for car insurance? Car insurance quotes for women are usually less. Although many men take pride in their belief that women are inferior drivers, they are actually safer drivers because they tend to drive at lower speeds. Although us men like to prove our superior driving by going over the speed limit, it doesn't mean that we are better. Car insurance for women drivers is also cheaper because they tend to drive more conservative cars (in terms of being less flashy and powerful) and have better driving records. Even if a female does get into an accident, chances are that the accident will have less damage because women tend to go at slower speeds.

Although, when looking for a good deal on car insurance, we can't change our gender, it's not like gender is the only factor when you are given a quote on your premium. How much you will pay on auto insurance is largely in your control. You can do yourself a big favor if you shop around for car insurance (quotes can vary by as much as $1,000 for a year long policy) and take advantage of all the discounts that are available. You can get a discount for being part of a business organization, having a safe driving record, getting an inexpensive car, getting a car with plenty of safety features, being a safe driver, being a long time customer, having a good credit score, increasing your deductible, and/or taking some sort of driving course.

If you are male, don't worry. As long as you maintain a safe driving record your "extra expense" will go down. It follows that if you are a woman and don't maintain a safe driving record, your "female discount" is meaningless.

Here are some tips if you want to save money on women car insurance

Don't think that those comparison sites really give you the lowest prices. Often times, the lowest priced insurer is not in their listings because this discount insurer does not pay these sites commission. Furthermore, a comparison site does not know which discounts you are applicable for. If you get, say, 5 car companies offering you a low rate on one of these sites, call each of them individually as one of them may give you discounts, which you haven't considered.

If you have bad credit or are trying to insure a teenager, consider speaking to an independent car insurance agent because they are connected to many insurers. If you have a special situation you may find that the quotes you get from insurers are very expensive. Because independent agents don't sell insurance from just one company they may connect you to an insurer who specializes in selling policies to those with your specific situation.

Weather you speak to a an independent agent or one who only works for one company make sure that you give them as much information about yourself so that you can get inexpensive car insurance. If you tell your agent that you have a garage, expect a lower premium! If you don't drive much, tell your agent. You can also save money by skipping on common insurance items such as collision and comprehensive insurance as well as Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments Coverage.