Do you like to drive a new car all the time? Do you lease a car instead of buying one, so that you can always be driving something new? But the payments can be huge right?

Well there is a way to get a great new car lease for much less, then you would pay at the car lot.

With the price of cars going up all the time, it can get very expensive to drive. Between insurance and the lease payments, and fuel, it is a lot of money. So if there is a way you can cut down at least one of these expenses, then you would do it right?

Well next time you are looking for a new car to lease, and not liking the sticker prices or the leasing rates, take a look at your classifieds. Take a look and you will see a column somewhere under cars for sale or lease, of someone wanting to get out of their lease or even their car loan.

With the price of cars as high as they are, many people have committed to 4 and 5 and sometimes 6 years of lease payments. Then due to unfortunate circumstances, they can't complete their commitment. It costs a lot to try and get out of a new car lease. There are companies like Lease Busters out there that will try and get you out of a lease, but this costs too. So many people will resort to the newspaper and try and get someone to take over their payments.

This can be a good deal for you. If they had already put down a big down payment in order to keep the lease payments reasonable, you could be driving away in a newer car, and they get out of their lease and your payments are smaller. Getting out of some leases can be worse than cell phone contracts!

My sister, got a great deal on a one year old van. She is an electrician, and had just started her business. She could not afford the down payment, then first and last, or even just first and last and the monthly payments were going to be big! But while she was looking through the paper to try and buy an old beater van to get her started in her business, she came across a van, listed by someone with a lease. Their father had passed on, and the family were trying to get rid of this van. The leasing company was not compassionate at all and wanted the family to pay off the remaining lease payments in their dad's contract out of the estate. He had taken out a four year lease, and was only into it by one year when he passed on.

Out of desperation, they put an ad in the paper, offering a thousand dollars cash up front, if someone took over the lease payments of this van for the rest of the contract. This was still a deal for them, as it got them off the hook for 3 more years.

My sister thought it was a scam, but after answering the ad, she went and looked at the van. It was in perfect condition, very few miles on it. The next step was to get the lease transferred to her name. She approached the leasing company and they were happy to transfer to her. She got the thousand dollars from the previous owner's family, and was able to afford lower lease payments, then she would have made leasing the van herself off a lot.

The previous owner and put down a big down payment. His family said, that he always leased a car or van, because he liked to just give it back and get a new one every few years without hassle.

In this economy, unfortunately, there are many people trying to get out of contracts, due to job loss, or lower pay. So, you may see more and more of these in the newspaper. But you do have to protect yourself too. You need to make sure that everything is good with the vehicle before you take on the lease.

1. Make sure it is in good condition. You are responsible for repairs and maintenance and the car has to be in good condition at the end of the lease when you turn it in.

2. Make sure it doesn't already have too many miles on it. See what their lease allowed for mileage, talk to the leasing company to see if there were any problems.

3. This is only a good deal if the previous purchaser put down a good sized down payment, making the lease payments smaller. This way you are only having to take over the remaining lease with smaller payments.

You need to be up on what a new car off the lot would cost you in a lease. With the interest rates being lower right now, it is sometimes possible that the car you saw in the paper, may have large payments if the previous deal was made a couple of years ago.

If you look at all the pros and cons, this can be a great way to get a better car than you normally could afford. The leasing company does not want a defaulted lease, and will look favorably at you.

My sister got a great deal. She drove that van until the end of its lease. She turned it in in great condition, and then found another van the same way.

Sometimes you just have to get creative, or take the time to do some homework. Check the papers, check the prices verses a regular leasing car lot and the ones being advertised in the newspaper.

You may end up with a better car than you could normally afford. The lease gets put into your name and the contract continues. No down payment, and many times a cash incentive.

My sister, used the thousand dollars for more tools, and drove her van with a payment half the size of the one she was quoted at the lot. So, before you give up on that car you really want, check the ads, and see it there is another way you can do this.