A Cost Effective Alternative

A car MP4 player is a way many people listen to their favorite music and watch downloaded movies in their car. They're a lot less expensive than in-dash DVD players and are easy to use. You can download movies and MP3 files onto the device from your computer then hook it up to your car lighter for playback. It has an FM transmitter that you can use so the audio will come from your car speakers. Even though these devices have the MP4 label attached to it, they won't play the .mp4 container format. They basically function like an iPod when it comes to listening to your music, but they're a lot cheaper (you can find them for about 20-60 dollars). So if you don't need too many features but just want a way to listen to your favorite tracks on your car stereo, a car MP4 player may be the way to go. Here are a few products.

car mp4 playerCredit: amazon

A Few Choices

One car MP4 player can be found on Amazon and is shipped and sold from BrainyDeal. It has a 1.8 inch screen and will play any MP3 or WVA files. WVA is basically like MP3 in that it's a music format. But if you wanted convert it to MP3, it's real simple process. You can use a free digital media player like iTunes or Windows Media Player to convert the file into MP3. It comes with a remote control so anyone in the backseat can control playback. It also has an SD card slot, USB port and 4GB of memory installed. It's compact and easy to use, yet some American customers have received Chinese versions of the product preventing them from understanding the instructions. Be sure to know which country your device is manufactured for before ordering. Another one from ClearMax will play AMV, MP3, WMA, and JPEG files for versatility. It only has 2GB of memory but the screen is a bit larger and it comes in three different colors - black, silver and red.


These devices are quite handy being portable and easy to manage. As opposed to in-dash DVD players, you won't need to buy another one if you consider trading your vehicle in - no need going through the hassle of un-installing the device and taking apart the dash to keep your treasured DVD player. Plus, if you own an older vehicle that doesn't support digital audio or video files, these car MP4 players are a less-invasive way (instead of installing a radio DVD player) of bringing more entertainment value to your car. Just download AMV video files from the computer and you're ready to watch them in your car.

Converting Files

Car MP4 players are big in China and a lot of these support the AMV video files. If you have a lot of DivX movies in the AVI format you may not be able to play them on your car MP4 player. What you'd need is a video file converter that can easily be found online and be downloaded for free. Some of the more advanced ones will cost you some money, but they are generally not too expensive. Of course, not every car MP4 player is the same so if you do your research you may find one that supports the video files you need.

Hard to Find

It may be difficult finding car MP4 players in American retail stores, but you can find many from online retailers like Amazon. Again, some of these products ship from China so if you're an English speaking customer, be sure to know which language your car MP4 player is programmed in. With that aside, these are inexpensive ways to enjoy digital audio and video with a car that may not be up to date.