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The car enthusiasts ought to know the basics of car maintenance from wheels, tires, motor oil, and brakes to suspension, transmissions, steering, petrol and general preventive care. Not only car devotees should be acquainted with this aspect, but anyone who owns a car should know this. A car is a necessity of the decade and one has to adopt maintenance measures to keep it from depreciating quickly. This article will give you tips on how to properly maintain your car.

Responsible Owner

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A responsible person should make monthly or weekly schedule car maintenance to check the errors or inefficiencies in the performance, engine and spare parts of the car. The repair costs time and again can dig a hole in the owner’s pockets so; it should be done within budget. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is advisable to appropriate funds for this process. For starters, one needs to dip into the owner’s manual that was given when the car was purchased. This can be very helpful for a novice who needs to understand the rubrics of car maintenance.

Change Oil

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According to mechanic experts, the first step towards minimizing the frequency of car maintenance is ensuring oil change of the car. Before you do this, it is advisable to ask the mechanic you always contract for specific needs to help you out. Low oil can cause engine inefficiencies and can accelerate the breakdown of the car before its claimed time. You also understand the importance of oil and filter modification intervals. Filter guards the car off dirt, metal particles and carbon. The next step usually is to keep updated with tires. It is mandatory to know if the tires have to renewed or just rotated. After all, the tires bear the entire weight!

Battery Check

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A convenient but less technical part of car maintenance is checking the battery. Most batteries signal the condition with different colors. Apart from the aforesaid motor oil, there are other lubricants that have to be checked for a longer life of the car. Steering fluid and brake fluid are two more lubricants that have to be maintained in order to drive safely without any hitches on driving system. The condition of the brakes also features prominently as preventive Car maintenance procedure, so they have to be upheld too. Rotors and drums can cost an arm and leg to replace. The more handy option is to change brake pads. Living in a metropolitan city, a 9 to 5 job can wear and tear the car.

Further precautions for car maintenance include refilling of Antifreeze. Chemically-treated test strips are sometimes used which give varying colors to demonstrate good or bad condition. Those who want something eco-friendly can use antifreezes which are propylene glycol based. Moreover, a six month schedule of car maintenance includes a watchful eye on horns, wiper blades, and shock absorbers, keeping an inflated tire, hoses, belts, transmission fluid, windshield washer lubricant and the exhaust system.



In a nutshell, it is incumbent on any car owner to ensure comprehensive car maintenance to maintain efficiency and desired performance. The outside has to be cared for also; the owner can get the car painted or polishes to relieve it from early aging!