Car Organization TipsCar Organization Tips

Organizing your car is a challenge for many people. We spend enough time organizing our home and work environment and the last thing we feel like doing is organizing our car. We must determine what items we truly need in our car and what items are only taking up much needed space. Cleaning and organizing your car will make it more enjoyable to ride in for you as well as for your passengers. All you have to do is abide by the following simple steps and you will be on your way to having an organized car that is safe and fun to drive.

Basic Safety is an important priority when organizing your car. Make sure that there are no sharp or heavy items in your car that are not fastened down or placed in a compartment. If you were to make a sudden stop these items could become dangerous projectiles and damage your car or cause an injury to you or your passengers.

Organize your car to meet your current health needs. Always include a first aid kit that contains the usual supply such as bandages, gauze and tap, but also make sure to include medication that you or your family members depend on daily. Another example would be to include over the counter pain relievers.

Always organize important documents that you may need while in your car. Make sure to include your owner's manual, registration, insurance information, important contact information and any other information that is of importance to you. Having your documents organized is a simple way to decrease stress while driving and will allow you to concentrate on the road instead of digging around for these documents.

Make sure to have paper towel, toilet paper and preferably antibacterial wipes available in case of sudden spills. In order to keep your car organized you have to make sure that spills and messes are cleaned up immediatley and not left to clean at a later tkime.These items will also become benificial when you have to use a public washroom on a road trip.

Don't forget to organize your trunk! The key to organizing your trunk is to determine what items you actually need to have in your car and luckily there are a few standard items that are a must. These items include: A spare tire, jumper cables and tools.

Organize your middle console to include the following items: Napkins, Sunglasses, spare change and hygiene products such as hand sanitizer or mints.Try to minimize what you place in this compartment and limit it to items that you will tend to use daily.

Organize your glove campartment to include items such as maps, the car manual, paper and pens and insurance information. The glove compartment is typically a small area, so try to minimize the size and amount of items you place here.

Get used to cleaning your car on a regular basis. Cleaning your car is one of the simpliest way to keep your car organized. Remember to take garbage out of your car every time you exit it. Make sure to clean your car from top to bottom at least once a month.