Car Paint Protection an overview

Protecting Auto Surface with correct car paint protection

You've heard it a million time "your second largest investment" when making reference to your automobile.  Well it's true and to keep that investment looking like new as long as possible you need to understand the basics of car paint protection and how it's achieved.  Keeping your paint protected can extend the life and look of your paint by years and increase the resale value when it's time to sell.

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There are various ways to keep you car paint protected including some new technology that has recently been introduced.  To cover three of the most common car paint protection methods being used today we will look at Natural Wax, Synthetic wax (sealant) and the new permanent car paint protection coatings.

Natural auto waxes are what most people know as "car wax" and has been around almost as long as the automobile itself.  It is still used by millions of people and considered by many the best method to get a deep glossy shine on your vehicle.  The best waxes in this category are always manufactured using high quality carnauba waxes and typically last 3-6 months depending on the climate and the cars storage situation.

Synthetic auto waxes are the evolution of the natural auto waxes and have constantly evolved as the chemists perfect their trade.  When using a good quality synthetic product you can expect a shiny car for up to a year before you need to reapply.  If car paint protection is your priority over deep gloss this might be your best option.

Permanent car paint protection coatings are the latest product to enter the car paint protection market.  Applied only once these coatings in theory never need to applied again.  Approach with caution when applying Products like Optimum Opti-Coat since they get applied differently than conventional car paint protection products.  These products are typically applied by a professional auto detail shop but can easily be handled by a home detailing enthusiasts.

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Before you apply any car paint protection products you need to have a clean surface to work with by properly washing your car  and using the right car polishing equipment will make the job easier.

What ever you decide to you for car paint protection there is no wrong choices as long as you do something to protect the surface of you precious vehicle.  Take you time and enjoy the day with your car.