Car rental companies that accept debit cards are definitely not hard to find. And most people would be surprised to know that they consist of nearly every major car rental agency in the US.

Car rental agencies want to minimize their risk when it comes to renting their car fleet. And one way to do that is to ensure that people are not only insured properly at the time of rental, but also that their risks are further minimized by making sure that there is a consumer interest in protecting their car rental inventory as well.

One way that companies do this is to make people provide credit cards as a security deposit.

But in today’s time, many car rental companies have done the research to support that people with debit cards are just as likely to return a rental car in the same condition they found it in, the same as someone with a major credit card.

Most people with challenged or bad credit do have problems renting a car. But a debit card can act as a major credit card and does suffice.

So What Are Companies that Allow for Debit Cards at Car Rental?

First it’s important to note that your debit card must have a Visa or A MasterCard logo, as most debit cards do today. You will be required to use your debit card as a credit card in order to initiate services. You should also note that most often that not you won't be allowed to use a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are loadable cards that you can pick up at a grocery store or convience store. A prepaid card though is different from a  secured card, those cards are typically allowed. Secured cards are typically backed by banks and and also linked to your credit report and you are required to pay on the account monthly. Your balance is backed by your security deposit. You can increase your credit limit on a secured credit card, by making a higher deposit.

Avis: Does allow debit or check cards for most rental locations. A minimum fee of $500 dollars may be charged along with the total estimated charges of the rental terms.

Budget: Also allows debit cards at most rental locations, but may require a hold of $300 dollars or estimated charges plus 25% whichever is greater. Some locations in the US may require a minimum hold of $500 dollars.

National: Debit cards are allowed with proof of a round trip ticket, like from an airline, train or bus company.

Enterprise: Call ahead, because some Enterprise locations accept debit or credit cards, however many do not.

Hertz: Most Hertz locations will accept major debit or check cards that are drawn on the account holder’s checking account. Prepaid accounts are not allowed.

Tips on Renting a Car without a Credit Card

We all know that having a credit card as a form of payment at a car rental agency is ideal. For one, you’re required deposit is a lot less and in some cases there is no deposit. Your only obligation is to pay for the car upon return.

So here are some more tips on renting a car without a debit card.

Do your research when it comes to getting the best deal on car rental companies that accept debit cards.

Get a Prepaid Card: Many bad credit cards like Capital One and even some offered by your bank, act and look just like a credit card. A few weeks prior to your travel needs, look around for some good credit card companies. In fact for many, you only need a week or so, to make the deposit and receive the card.

Look for Rental Companies that Accept Cash:  Some car rental companies accept all cash. These companies are typically local and aren’t at airport locations.

Rent Your Car at Airports: Many of the major car rental companies that do not accept debit cards, check cards or even secured cards are the ones that are in and around the airport. Most that do however are those near airports and car repair establishments.

Remember that is possible to rent a car without a credit card.