How to Avoid Auto Repair Service Scam

Many times, you have heard sad stories of people who got scammed by various car repair service shops. How does this happen?

Car Repair Services-How To Make Sure Your Car Actually the Service You Asked For

Some respected auto repair service shops have dishonest mechanics who take working parts from your vehicle and replace them with failing parts from other people's cars. You may not know when it happens but it helps to pay attention to the small details. Always listen to how your car automobile runs. Look out for new vibrations that were not present when you took your car to the garage. Report these faulty car repair services to the customer service manager. If you have a specific problem  insist on going with the attendant on a test drive to find the exact problem.

If all you need is a regular service then you must check that the service you ordered was actually done by:

Ball Joints: There should be no excessive play on the steering. The steering should be firm but not too hard. you should not hear banging noises.

Brake Pads: There should be no squeaky noises. New brake pads should be dusted and smoothed before installation. They should also be sharp and not spongy when you apply the brakes.

Air Filter: This is the filament that filters the air before it enters your engine. you can remove it and check that it is free from dust.

Wheel Alignment: Check by releasing the steering wheel on a straight road while driving slowly. If it drifts, check the tyre pressure. if it persists, take it back for realignment and balancing.

Spark Plugs: These are small parts that are pointed in the cylinders of your engine and ignite the fuel that mixes with air in your engine. It would be hard to check these unless you are trained, but if you can get access to them they should be clean and free of carbon when new. Check your car repair manual or ask your trusted mechanic for advice on should the life span of good plugs.

Your car symbolizes a major investment, so do not take anything for granted. Pay attention when choosing where your vehicle will be repaired. The official dealers of your car make are usually the best, as they offer warranty on the services they offer. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your automobile and keep its resale value. Regular maintenance also ensures good performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

If you drive on rough, muddy roads then insist on inspection of the ball joints and dust covers. The break linings and drums as well as the disks and pads should be checked. There is nothing as risky as a car that cannot stop. Your steering system also severely gets damaged on rough roads. Always ask your mechanic to check these and give you a report.

Car Repair Services-How To Make Sure Your Car Actually the Service You Asked For