Don't let your car go peacefully if you know that your rights and laws are being broken in the process. Depending on your state, you can file a complaint if the people repossessing your car enter your property when the gates are locked, break into a locked garage to remove the car, or if any piece of your property is damaged during the repossession. If any of this happens without you giving consent, you can file a suit. The creditor will either have to repay you for any damages or the best part, lose the right to collect the remaining difference on your car.

If you are at home during the time of repossession, you can object to it. This will probably only work once, because the next time they will likely come back with a court order. If you are not there to object to the repossession, then you are pretty much out of luck.

Be aware that repossessors cannot commit what is called breach the peace. If they use any physical force against you or threaten you this is a breach of peace. Creditors can get into a lot of trouble with this, and it can even force them to drop the delinquency payments and what is still due on the vehicle.

The property in the car is yours! If your car gets repossessed and you have items in the car, you have the right to get them back. No matter how much you owe on the car, your creditor may not keep, use, or sell any personal items in the vehicle. In many states, all items must be accounted for by the creditor. If they cannot account for all items, you have the right to legal action. Your stuff belongs to you, not the lender.

If you do get your car repossessed, it will affect your credit for seven long years. To save your credit you need to conduct an investigation of all the details in the repo. Make sure every little single detail is correct. Check all fees, how much it sold for, where the car was repossessed at, etc. If you can find a flaw in the report, it can and will be taken off of your credit report. All repossession information must be 100% correct. If anything can be proven incorrect the claim will be removed from your credit report. A lot of times, bad record keeping or laziness can save your credit.

Don't forget if a repo man enters a property with a locked gate, they are trespassing! Have them arrested. Believe me they know what they are allowed to do and not do. If they do enter locked gates, they are doing it on their own recognitions.