A car roof cargo carrier is not an easy item to shop for. I wish I knew so much more about car roof cargo carriers before I bought mine. So I'm going to pass on my knowledge to help you find the right car roof cargo carrier.
car roof cargo carrier
An aspect that is often overlooked when shopping for a car roof cargo carrier is noise. It is easy to get caught up in finding a cargo carrier with enough cubic storage space and forget that strong winds will be testing your roof top carrier the entire trip. You might find a cheap cargo carrier, but will that loose strap be worth the headache? Trust me, you'll want to keep the turbulence to a minimum on the roof of your car.

Look at the roof rack on the top of your car closely. You don't want a car roof cargo carrier that is made for a four bar roof rack when your car only has a two bar roof rack. Don't worry they make car roof cargo carriers for a car without a roof rack too.

The roof rack bags are much cheaper than the hard cover style cargo carriers. Although the security of your items is not as great with the bag style carrier. Are you going to feel safe knowing that somebody could slice your car roof cargo carrier open? Thule cargo carriers are known for being safe and strong.

Compare car roof cargo carriers using helpful online sources. The more information you can find on a car roof cargo carrier before you order it, the better off you will be. The security of your cargo on your trip is too important to not find all the information you possibly can. I just ordered the first one I found, it was a nightmare to have to scramble right before our trip.