If you do a lot of driving then car roof signs can be an excellent way of advertising your business in a cost-effective way. Think about how many people you drive past on the average drive and you will begin to get an idea of how many people this marketing technique can reach. If you have multiple people driving around for your business you outfit all of your businesses vehicles or you could even offer an incentive for your team members to have signs fitted to their own vehicles.

What Sort of Businesses Should Use Vehicle-Based Advertising?

If you or your employees travel a lot in your businesses local area then it is a good idea to organize some mobile advertising for your cars. Things like real estate agents, driver schools and repairman businesses can all benefit greatly from this form of marketing. If you tend to stop at clients houses like lawn-mowing services, plumbing or even outcall health services you can easily pick some new customers from the streets that you are visiting. In this case there is the added benefit that you can more easily schedule clients from the same area together to save on travel time.

Businesses that should not use car advertising are ones where that type of advertising has no relevancy to the customers that are looking for your business. It might seem like a good idea to put a sign about your import/export business on your vehicle but customers are never going to be looking for your business while they are stuck in traffic. It also may not be a good idea to advertise a 'green' company on a fossil-fuel using machine.

Where to Buy Roofing and Other Vehicle Signs

There are two main places to buy roof signs, stickers and billboards for vehicles: sign makers and driver training supply places. The first choice is the obvious one that most people go for and they are a great choice when it comes to stickers and small signs for their vehicles. The second choice, however, is the cleverer one. Driver training supply places offer pre-made and blank roof advertising panels that are made to fit on most cars whilst being aerodynamic. If you aren't specifically running a driver training school then you can get a blank panel and take it to a standard sign maker to get the lettering and logos done. Buying signs online should save you a bit of money and time searching but if you live in the city then there may be a supply place near to you. Buying at a warehouse will save you the most money if you do not have to travel too far.

How to Design Your Lettering and Graphics

Above all else vehicular advertisements must be easy to read in a hurry. People will mostly be seeing the sign in traffic and will only have a brief moment to note down your phone number - after that they will forget. If you can make your name or logo memorable that can help with customer recall too. As for coloring, red blue and green are some of the best colors to use on a white background but if your business already has a set color theme then you should go with that for consistency. Just remember that it needs to be easily legible.

The most important things to include on your sign are your phone number and website if it is obvious what your business is. If your business is not obvious at a glance you will also need to include your businesses name too. If all of these things are present and easily legible then you can consider adding further information or a logo. Extra writing should be kept to a minimum as it will make the entire sign harder to read and it will detract from the main information. Logos should always be kept simple and should not draw the reader's eyes away from the more important information.

Legality of Car Advertisements

Most states and countries allow most signs on cars and other vehicles as long as they are below a certain size and are not obviously dangerous. For the most part anything that you buy in a supply center in local area will be legal for you to use, but if you are buying online be wary of your local regulations. The allowable size for signs will vary from state to state so make sure to check out the specifics at the local government office if you are getting a larger sign like a billboard.

An additional thing to note is that some states have regulations about advertising in residential areas so if you park your vehicle at home with the sign attached you could be fined. Usually this rule does not apply to small signs but larger car billboards can be restricted. The easiest way to avoid this completely is to buy or make a cover to put over the sign when you go home - this will also protect it from the weather too.

If you unsure about the legality you should always check it out with the government and not just rely on what the sign salesperson has said. While it may not be illegal to sell something it may be illegal to use it in a certain way and this applies to on the road products especially.

Risks of Car-Mounted Advertising

Before you outfit all of the vehicles in your business in advertising you should know that there is a certain risk associated with this form of marketing. If yourself or one of you team members drives badly, is pulled over by police, causes an accident or is even involved in a traffic incident it can be a lot of bad advertising for your business. Particularly if the press is involved and pictures make it into the local newspapers. Even if you or your team wasn't at fault it is still going to look bad to people passing by who don't know the full story. Provided you are aware and willing to take this risk car roof signs and other car-based advertisements can be a great way to promote your business in your local area.