Have you ever experienced driving your vehicle and having a pebble hit your window and windshield and having this leave a small crack on it? Ever ignore such a crack and continue using your vehicle without taking care of this crack? Did you know that doing this can actually be dangerous, expensive and can compromise car safety?

Some people believe that a small scratch or crack on their windshield or car window is okay and that such a minuscule fissure is nothing to worry about. What these individuals do not realize is that small cracks on a windshield or a window can actually spread and grow over time. There are many reasons why a small crack spreads and grows, and many reasons why these fractures should not be ignored.

In the interest of car safety, you should never leave a window or windshield crack unattended. No matter how small a crack may seem, it is essential that you get an expert in car window repair to look at this problem and give you advice on how to take care of it. Some may tell you to have these cracks repaired if these are still small enough for such an action, however if the crack has grown over time due to delays in having it fixed, you might need to get auto glass replacement instead.

The cracks on your windows or windshields can increase in size if you do not have this repaired immediately. Some of the reasons why these grow in size over time are due to factors like moisture, dirt, temperature extremes and bumps in the road. Any of these can cause small hair fractures in your car windows to grow bigger and may even lead to the breaking of these windows, which will then need to be replaced.

This is the main reason why car window repair should be acted on as soon as you find these cracks on your windows or your windshield – to actually prevent the need for auto glass replacement. You can actually have these fissures filled with resin, cured then polished in order to return your car window back to near its original state. This is a more affordable solution compared to having your car windows replaced, which may happen if you ignore any cracks or breaks on them.

You should also be aware that aside from car safety, for both you and other people on the road, driving with damaged windows and windshields is actually against the law. While small cracks may not be seen by cops, and you may not notice these while you are driving as well, ignoring these fissures will lead to their increase in size, which can then result in windows and windshields being too damaged for safe driving. This is another reason why car window repair should be done immediately after the crack is discovered.

It should also be noted that when auto glass replacement is required, it is best to have an expert do this and not try to do it yourself. Windshield and window replacement experts know exactly what glass to use to replace damaged ones on a vehicle and how to do this properly. Trying to replace glass on windows and windshields on your own can result in injuries, wrong glass replacements, more damage and more expense on your part.