One of the best ways to save money when buying audio equipment for cars is to purchase things in packages or combos. There are many types of car subwoofer packages that you can buy; some involve the wires to install an amplifier, others involve bundles that include two subwoofers and a ported enclosure, and other even include everything that is needed for a fully upgraded car stereo (wires, subwoofers, box, amplifier, head unit).

This article is focused on the car subwoofer packages that include the speaker(s) and either a ported, sealed, or bandpass enclosure. Not only will these speaker packages save you some money, but the subwoofers will also produce enough bass to wake your neighbours from a few streets away!

MTX Audio Terminator Series Subwoofer And Amplifier Combo

I would definitely consider MTX Audio to be one of the good subwoofer brands in the car audio industry because they have produced over 30 reputable speakers! This specific combination is one of the best car subwoofer packages that you will find on the market because you are getting 2 of the most powerful 12 inch subwoofers and a sealed enclosure to put them in. Each of these MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofers contains 1200 watts of peak power, and can be realistically pushed to produce 500 RMS watts of bass. When you multiply the 500 RMS watts that they each produce by 2, you will realize that your car audio system will sound amazing pumping out a whopping 1000 watts of high-quality bass!

In addition to the powerful subwoofers that the package includes, you will also receive a sealed box to install the subwoofers in. The sealed box is stamped with a “Terminator” logo, and will allow the subwoofers to pump out a ridiculous amount of bass. Mentioning this specific subwoofer and box package to any car audio technician will allow you to hear that MTX Audio subwoofers are amazing in nearly every aspect. For the best results, be sure to pair the TNE212D subwoofers with a Pioneer or Kenwood car amplifier of the same wattage!

Some Car Subwoofer Packages Come With Neon Lighting Installed-Be Careful...It Is Difficult To Repair

Sure, the neon lighting inside of a subwoofer box may look really attractive, especially when you see the neon lights flashing to the bass of the song; however, they can be extremely difficult to repair or replace once they have burned out or broken. Many of the cheap car subwoofer packages will come with neon lights inside of the speaker enclosure. This is used as a tactic to make the subwoofers look better and more powerful than they actually are!

What is the point of having neon lights in a subwoofer enclosure if the subs are only rated at 100 watts RMS each?

I would avoid these neon subwoofer box lights at all costs because I can guarantee that you will regret buying them in the future! They may look great working with your car’s head unit for the first 2 months; however, they will look horrible when they are malfunctioning or broken!

2 Rockford Fosgate R1 Subwoofers, And A Sealed Angled Enclosure

One of the main benefits of an angled subwoofer enclosure is that it will butt-up against your rear seats, and ultimately use less trunk space. The Rockford Fosgate R1 subwoofers are absolutely amazing because they produce really high quality bass! In addition, this specific combination is one of the best Rockford Fosgate car subwoofer packages because it includes 2 of these powerful R1 subwoofers, and a sealed enclosure!

I would say that the sealed enclosure works best with Rockford Fosgate subs because a sealed enclosure is geared towards keeping the air inside of the woofer box, and ultimately producing bass that you can HEAR instead of bass that you can FEEL! Since the goal of Rockford Fosgate subwoofers is to produce high quality bass and not pounding bass, a sealed enclosure shares the exact same goal.

I can guarantee that if you talk to a car audio specialist about any of these subwoofer packages you will quickly find out that they are the best of the best. Not only do these subwoofer combinations produce the best high quality bass, but they are also offered at affordable prices!

The one and only downside to buying car subwoofer packages is that they do not allow for much customization; however, you shouldn’t be too concerned about customizing your car’s audio unless you plan on entering a competition. Also, buying a subwoofer and enclosure combo may cost you more money upfront, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run. For instance, a car sub and box package may cost you $300 at once, but buying all of those pieces of audio equipment separately would easily make you spend at least $500. It is worth it in the long run!