How to repair leather car upholstery

Swerve car detailing prices

With car owners across the western world choosing to hold onto their vehicles for longer periods these days, the auto repair industry has been seeing a constant upswing in new business for several years. Car upholstery repair in particular is a strongly growing sub sector within this market.

Most folks like their car to look good, and are happy to give it a regular wash; either at home or using one of the many automated car washing services that dot our highways. But what about a scheduled deeper, finer clean? Professional car detailing prices in most cities are anything but cheap and are typically mainly used by limousine operators, used car dealers and us Joe averages on special occasions to spruce up our rides before we sell, or when a daughter gets married!

Ok so let’s look at how we can achieve the same interior result as a professional job, without paying those commercial car detailing prices. Is your car upholstery leather by any chance? If so you may be surprised to know that you can buy and use quality professional products, the same as the best detailers use, right there in the comfort and convenience of you garage or driveway.

Leather, whether it is used on a saddle, for furniture or to upholster your car, is a wonderful and natural product. Unlike synthetic substitutes it is very long lasting, durable and just like the beasts it came from, it breathes! Just like any other quality product it does however need a little tender loving care from time to time. To deny your leather car upholstery this, will see it eventually deteriorate with cracks and scuffs, in other words to lose its beauty. Wouldn’t this be a shame?

Amazing Leather HoneyCredit: amazonSo, let me make a suggestion or two. If your leather car upholstery is doing ok, but could use some attention, buy yourself a quality leather conditioner. The top sellers are described as ‘honey for your leather’, and with a minimum of effort your upholstery will again be looking its very best in short order.

On the other hand, if you poor old leather car seats and trim are showing that wear and tear more rather than less, then you may need to step up a gear and buy a quality leather repair kitQuality leather repair kitCredit: amazonSuch kits typically come as several different products for different repairs, sold together which is very convenient. Again, with some time and attention you can make the very best of your car upholstery.

Now what if your ride has fabric seats, a vinyl dash and trim? Well this article is still relevant for you as well. Huh, why? Hey don’t you have a favorite friend, uncle or grandfather with leather in their car? I bet you do. With Christmas coming up, what a great gift idea to set them up with some leather conditioner or a repair kit to let them avoid those expensive professional car detailing prices and have them take pride in their own car upholstery repair.

leather conditioner success!Credit: thehogringHappy and safe motoring out there now.