We all have heard how homes can be ravaged by floods but not so many of us know what to do when the car becomes the primary water damage victim. If your car has been damaged by water either by flood, rainwater or any other reason, there are some immediate things you ought to do so you can salvage and repair your car's interior. Take a look at the following useful pointers on how to deal with car water damage.

First off, it is important to determine the cause of the water damage to your car. Now that the worst has happened, it is still wise to know the cause since it can also lead to the proper way of dealing with the incurred damage. For instance, flood water that is murky and dirty is a bigger problem than simple rainwater. Some of the most common causes to car water damage include your car being submerged in a flood, driving through an area that is flooded or even water damage that is caused by improper car interior protection from the rain or snow.

The first thing you should do is to determine which parts of the car's interior were affected by the water. If your car has been submerged in floodwater, then everything inside must be cleaned, dried or even replaced. Now, if water damage has been caused by some smaller reason like a window that has been left open, then you can simply focus on areas that have been affected.

If your car carpet has been drenched, it is important that you do immediate cleaning and drying. Otherwise, your car will forever have the mildew unpleasant smell. Also, if the carpet is not dried and cleaned properly, then it can be home to various microorganisms that do not only lead to more damage but can also put your health at risk. Take out the carpet if possible and suction off the remaining water in it. Afterwards, wash it with carpet shampoo and water making sure that it gets squeaky clean after the chore. Hang the carpet for drying, making sure that it dries in an open sunny space.

The nest thing to do is to check the other car interior parts. Check the seats and the sides to see if they are wet. The fabric might dry easily but you have to know that the moisture will certainly seep through the material and still lead to mildew and bacteria growth. If you cannot completely clean out the wet interior, you can have it totally replaced by professionals.