Windshield Cleaning Tips

There are many car window cleaning tips that can help even the most novice person with their car cleaning. Many issues can arise when trying to clean you car windows. Many people wonder about the window cleaner to use and what type of cloth or sponge.

Your car windows take a heavy beating from the weather. Snow, rain, sleet, wind, extreme temperatures, and much more make windows difficult to clean. But with a little help from this article and some practice, you can get your windows shining and in tiptop condition in no time.

Auto Class Cleaner

Choosing the right car window cleaner is the first step in cleaning your windows. You want to make sure that your window cleaner does not contain ammonia, alcohol, or any toxins that may leave a toxic gas. The last thing you want is to be driving down the road and suffocating from the fumes your cleaner leaves.

Car Window Cleaning Tips

When you choose your cleaner, you also want to consider if the cleaner is biodegradable and safe for the environment. There is no reason to use products on your car that will affect the environment. The cleaner should also be made with a streak free formula. There is nothing worse than looking out your windows and seeing nothing but streaks.

  • Note About Ammonia – Ammonia causes leather, vinyl, and rubber to dry out and loose its luster. You want to stay away from any products with ammonia in them.

 Cleaning Rags

The old school thought when using rags was to use newspapers, t-shirts, rags, etc. when cleaning windows. But now we have microfiber towels that hold up more than 10 times the amount of water than other rags. They are also static free, which allow the dirt to be picked up from the service and pulled off the window. When using a towel or t-shirt, the dirt is dragged across the surface of window, which does not remove all the scum.

Cleaning Order

When cleaning your car, you must make sure that you leave the windows for last. Spaying your cleaning solution in the car will most likely get on the windows and if you do not leave them for last, you will end up getting the cleaner on the window after you cleaned them first.

Direction of Wiping


Many people believe that wiping your windows in a circular motion is the best direction to use when cleaning. The problem with using a circular motion is that it doesn’t always get all the areas on the window. The best motion to use is an up and down and side to side motion. This ensures that you wipe the window thoroughly allowing you to not miss any sections of the window.

Towel Usage

Use one side of your towel when wiping a window down. The towel will get wet and it and the natural progression will be to switch back and forth while you are cleaning. You need to use one side of the towel while you are wiping the window with the cleaner and then when the cleaner is wiped off, switch sides and use the dry side to wipe any streaks left behind.

Car Window Cleaner

Get In The Cracks

It is very easy to miss certain spots on the window like the little cracks around the lining of the window. Using your towel easily cleans those cracks but most of the time they are overlooked. If they are not cleaned, they will build up and become an ugly eye sore.

Cleaning Windshield Wipers

Make sure that you do not forget to clean your windshield wipers. When you clean you windows, muck can form on your wipers. Even if you clean your window and nothing gets on your wipers, they can be dirty from the normal wear of any daily journey in the car. When you go to use your wipers, they can leave a nasty streak of film on your windows if they are not cleaned.

So make sure that you take your towel and clean the wipers while you are cleaning your window so you do not run the risk of causing streaks on your window. Also, if you live in an area that gets heavy rain or snow, you may want to look at replacing your windshield wipers on a regular basis.

The reason behind this suggestion is that the weather can really tear your windshield wipers apart and the more the rip and tear; the more dirt gets lodged down inside them. If you do replace your windshield wipers, make sure you do not over pay because you will be replacing them on a regular basis. But, I would not replace them all through out the year. You only need to replace them during the heavy weather months like the winter season.

Window Cleaners For Your Car

  • If you do not want to replace your windshield wipers on a regular basis, then you should use vinegar to wipe them down. Vinegar will remove the debris from the windshield and allow the wiper itself to make full contact with the window again. Another over looked area is the wiper cowl. It is the area that collects all the debris from the windows and the trees. It is important to clean this area out because if you clean your wipers on a regular basis and the cowl is dirty, the wiper will pick up the dirt and you will have to do it all over again.

Cleaning In Sunlight

Cleaning your windows in sunlight can be bad. When the sun is hot and beaming on your windows, it can cause the cleaners to evaporate quickly and give off a toxic odor. You can inhale the odor and become sick. If you are using cleaner on your windows, move you car to a shaded area so you can clean them there. Or, wait till the sun goes down a little and the sunlight is not directly hitting the car.

I hope that this has helped with cleaning your car windows. Remember to use a 300 GSM rag for your towel and happy cleaning.