Keeping your car on the road with a good battery

Many times drivers do not think about how critical car batteries are and what can happen if proper maintenance is not practiced BEFORE the battery is needed. The car  battery is probably THE MOST important device in your car, without it "you are not going anywhere"Battery failure is the chief cause of road emergencies. Today car batteries are sealed and requires very little maintenance, however that little maintenance could be the difference between you walking and riding.

These tips can help a person that owns a new car or a used car. Just soem free advice from someone that have experienced the unpleasant misfortune of starting failure in the winter time.

To begin safety is a FIRST....I suggest that you wear gloves to protect your hands and goggles to protect your most valuable sense, YOUR EYES and the sense of sight!! So I also suggest that you remove jewelry such as rings, bracelets and necklaces when working with batteries.

The battery is simply a circuit that connects to your car or truck it works on the principal of a DC (direct current) circuit. I suggest that you remove the negative battery cable using a wrench and a socket to cut the load(the car's electronics) from the battery.

If you have an older battery that have caps that open on the top then it is necessary that you check the liquid levels to ensure that it has sufficient water in the cells.  This should be checked every 3 to 4 months and the necessary amount of water should be added for proper usage.  The water level in each cell should meet the bottom of the cells cap hole. 

All brackets and fasteners should be checked and tighted during  a through inspection.  Keep in mind that automobiles do vibrate and can cause excessive shaking which results in loose screws and bolts.  So if you see something loose, then tighten it asap to prevent any further damage or problems that you might have in the  future.  Sometimes parts such as the bracket that holds down the battery can be so corroded, that it may require you to service it with a penetrating solvent such as WD40 or some other to cleaner. If the corrosion too severe then it is suggeted that you replace the part. 

Cleaning the battery terminals (the two lead rods that come out of the battery) is easy and can be done by (having the battery cables unhooked) simply adding a solution of baking soda and water sparringly to the terminals of each battery, separately one terminal at a time drying the first and then going to the next for cleaning. The top and surrounding casing should also get a cleaning using a rag with the same type of solution.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Each cable terminal (the part that connects to the battery) should be clean and shinny. This is critical as your car or truck needs a good connection to draw the necessary ampers from the battery to start your automobile. Many times people have mistaken the battery as the problem for not being able to start their car, however the problem lies in the connection...mainly the battery terminal and or the cable terminal. After cleaning the terminals you should add a small amount of vasline or petroleum jelly to both the battery and the cable terminals, this will help protect both from tarnish and bad connections.

I would like to warn you that caution should be executed whenever servicing a battery, as they contain acid that can burn less important things such as clothes but more can cause severe burns to skin. And cause blindness should it get in your eyes.