Cheapest car insurance for young drivers

My eldest son’s dream had always been to learn to drive when he was 17. He started having driving lessons in June last year and passed both his theory and practical tests with flying colours by the end of October.

When we bought L-plates from a local hardware store, we discovered an advert for Provisional Marmalade, car insurance that can be purchased monthly for learner drivers. The great advantage of this provisional insurance was that my son was comprehensively insured to drive a car without affecting the car owner’s no claims discount in the event of an accident. As long as the person taking him out on the road was over 25 and had held a driving license for 3 years, he could choose to drive with anyone. In addition to weekly formal driving lessons, he was able to practice on a daily basis which accelerated his learning curve quite considerably.

That was the easy part. Finding new driver car insurance that wasn’t going to bankrupt me was the hardest part.

I have always had full no claims discount on my car insurance and although I realised it was going to be expensive adding my son to my insurance, I certainly wasn’t expecting the quote I was given. It was going to cost £5,000 per year to add my son to my insurance. I was determined to find something more reasonable and after a thorough internet search and a few more ridiculous quotes, I discovered two options.

One option was to apply for new driver insurance with Intelligent Marmalade and use the discount offered for every month we had held the Provisional Marmalade insurance. The other option was to apply for insurance with the co-operative.

The reason I decided to choose between these two companies was because of the Smart box system they use. It is quite possible that other insurance companies have now begun to use this system too. The aim of the Smart box is to encourage young drivers to drive carefully by monitoring how they drive. Premiums can either be increased, decreased or stay the same every 90 days depending on how responsible the young driver is on the road.

The quote I received from the co-operative was just over £900 and was the most competitive. Insuring with the co-operative has the added advantage of allowing the young driver to start accumulating no claims discounts in their own right. Factors helping to reduce the premium were predicted annual mileage, only driving between the hours of 8am and 6pm and whether or not the young driver regularly took passengers onboard. The insurance allows for one named driver to be included on the insurance which is very helpful.

Fitting of the Smart box is very straight forward and is done at the driver’s home address. It is fitted underneath the dashboard and monitors things like speed, cornering, braking and the route a driver takes. The driver is given feedback via the internet on a daily basis.

My son has found the Smart box very helpful and was recently informed by the insurance company that if he continues driving responsibly, his insurance premium will be reduced at the ninety day review.

The cost of insurance for young drivers is exorbitant until the magic age of 25 so any available reductions in insurance premiums are worth discovering and any system that has the potential of keeping young drivers safe on the roads is worth considering.

Safe Driving