Extraordinary espresso beverages have turned from luxury to pretty much inevitability for lots of Americans. Perhaps one of the most popular beverages in coffee venues saturating the United States is the Caramel Frappuccino. However, a regular Frappuccino can be priced at $4 to $5! At these prices, your espresso habit can add severe financial strain! To protect you from both tasteless java and diminished amount of cash in your checking account, here are quick and easy directions for preparing your home-made, budget-friendly Caramel Frappuccino.

Set out:
1/2 cup of strong fresh java
Same amount of milk
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 cups of ice cubes
3 tablespoons of caramel syrup
Whipped cream

Start by brewing your coffee in your regular coffee maker. But, prepare the brew approximately a third more powerful than you usually like it. Café Frappuccinos are prepared with espresso, and putting it over ice will weaken the coffee.

Then, pour the coffee into a standard blender. Add the milk, the sugar, ice cubes, and the caramel syrup. The caramel syrup you use as a topping for your sundaes will taste wonderfully. Now, stir the ingredients until it is a similar flow as a shake.

Pour the blend into a big cup and enhance with the whipped topping. Voila! You just prepared your individualized gourmet Caramel Frappuccino!

The most obvious of the positives of creating your Caramel Frappuccinos yourself, other than the bucks you will save, is the ability to change the ingredients to suit your taste. If you prefer a more concentrated coffee taste, make the coffee stronger. You won't want to simply add more weak coffee to the blend, because that will further weaken your drink. You can also use less of the sugar or use 2% milk as opposed to the 3.5% milk the majority of coffee shops use.

Another idea is to make your java beverages in advance. If you just can't afford the few minutes to prepare your Frappuccino in the time before work, you can prep the coffee before you go to bed. Simply stir the mixture but leave out the ice, then leave it in the refrigerator till morning. Before you leave for work, pour the blend over the ice cubes. The texture won't be the same, but the deliciousness should remain!

Begin brewing your special Caramel Frappuccinos on your own, and may not ever want to visit another coffee shop for your craving!