Carbohydrates urges are difficult to deal with, especially when you are trying to maintain a low carbohydrate way of lifestyle. However, conquering carbohydrate urges is not just a matter of will power. As Dr. Atkins points out in his book, sweets generate a ton of insulin and a development of glucose levels. There is indeed a actual set off for carbohydrate urges, and it is one of the reasons that it is so easy to acquire a high-carbohydrate, low proteins way of eating.

There are many symptoms of an actual carbohydrate urge. You will have find a gripping craving for carbohydrate loaded food items. In the long run, you will acquire a growing need for starchy foods, treat food items and sugar lace food. Additionally, you may experience urges and excess weight gain after using some of the carbohydrate act-a-likes such as low calorie sweeteners and alcoholic beverages.

High carbohydrate food items are everywhere, which makes the urges even tougher to conquer. Eating the high-sugar, polished starchy food items will supply your urges and create more, much like a medical addiction. In fact, substantial quantities of sweets generate substantial amount of the substance seratonin in the brain, which is the substance found in Prozac and other anti-depressants. So having substantial amounts of sweet food is self-medicating. People with low levels of seratonin are susceptible to using sweets like a medication. 


Stress and Comfort Eating

Tension and stress can also lead to unnecessary eating of carbohydrate-laden food items, many of us know about this comfort eating behaviour. When we are anxious, the adrenal human gland pumps more cortisol, the stress hormone into our systems. Cortisol promotes creation of a mind state that causes carbohydrate urges. It also promotes insulin production, which results in glucose level falls, more fat storage and the sugar surge/crash roller coaster continues. 

Considering all of these aspects, it may seem extremely hard to live on a low-carbohydrate eating strategy. However, following the Low carb strategy is one of the best ways to break the period of carbohydrate behavior and take back your lifestyle and your health. The Low carb strategy helps you take control of your urges and rid yourself of years of damage due to having too many sweets. 

While on the Low carb diet, you may have some carbohydrate urges occasionally, especially during the beginning of the diet. However, these will decrease as your body becomes more used to having a protein-centered regime. In order to keep your urges in check, eat small plates of food or treats that contain proteins every few hours. This will keep your blood sugar stable and avoid the “crash” you experience when you go hungry.

Protein and fat, which are the focus of the Low carb strategy, will provide prolonged energy. Make sure you are getting enough levels of the essential fat. Sometimes an Omega3 health supplement will help prevent carbohydrate cravings. 

Hunger or Dehydration

Cravings for starchy foods can sometimes be due to dehydration. It’s a good idea to consume a cup of water before getting to for any type of treat. Tackling dehydration in itself is a big step towards successful weight loss and fitness. When your body is properly hydrated, it will run more smoothly and you will see a loss of carb cravings.

Recognize that there is a actual reaction to sweets that will need to be avoided. Do not give up if you experience significant cravings for sugars after the first few days on the strategy. This is normal. Your body is used to running on fuels that is full of sugars and starches. It will need time to change to this new way of living. Stay dedicated to this new way of having and you will see the benefits quickly.

Low carbohydrate diets and exercise

However, choosing when to go on a carbohydrate restrictive diet is an important decision. If you are also planning on embarking on an exercise plan, for example trying to lose weight by running, then this is not the time to be starting that training or conversely to be starting Atkins. When you start an exercise program your body will need nutrients and significant amount of energy available to deal with that change, it is best to chose one over the other to start with and leave the second option for later.